When to Contact a Lawyer – Looking for a Shortcut?

We are always looking for shortcuts. When you have a personal problem, you want a solution that's a shortcut. You want the problem solved quickly, inexpensively and professionally. You want it solved so that when you see the other party at church or the grocery store, you can still be respectful.

When you have a problem and are looking for a shortcut, it's a good time to call a lawyer.

  • In a 20-minute conversation, a lawyer can identify your problem and tell you what options you have.
  • You will get a basic education about the law and how it applies to your situation.
  • Your first conversation with a lawyer is almost always free.
  • Think of your first conversation as a "mating dance." You are wondering if the lawyer has the intelligence and experience to expertly guide you. And the lawyer is studying you to see if he is interested in your case and whether he wants to represent you.

In many cases, an experienced lawyer will advise how to solve your problem without a lawyer.

Bucher Law Group, LLC, is a group of experienced attorneys, and we talk with many people seeking help. Often we tell them they don't need a lawyer and we advise them how to solve their problem.

If they've been fired unjustly, we may advise them to file a complaint with the Department of Workforce Development. If a neighbor's pollution is spilling onto their land, our advice might be to call the Department of Natural Resources. If there's a problem with veteran's benefits, we know that you will get your fastest response by calling — not the VA — but your local congressman. If there's a problem with potholes, garbage collection or dangerous sidewalks, call your city or town alderman. If you are facing a criminal charge or a DWI ticket, it is very important to talk to an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. (The state legislature and governor have enacted a stunning number of changes to the Wisconsin criminal law in the past four years. What you thought was the law a few years ago may no longer be true!)

These are practical steps to take. They are the kinds of solutions that you will get from an experienced lawyer. These are good shortcuts.

Not every problem needs to be solved in court. Experienced lawyers know that courtroom battles are very expensive and the outcomes can be uncertain. Without control of the facts, evidence and law, courtroom battles should be avoided. An experienced lawyer can advise you when negotiation, mediation or accepting a plea bargain is a good shortcut toward solving a problem.

The lawyers at Bucher Law Group, LLC, have extensive experience in all areas of the law. They are highly ethical and will explain matters to you in frank and understandable terms. They know the shortcuts and how to protect their clients.