We Are Committed To Protecting Victims' Rights

Victimology is the process of standing up for the rights of those who have been victimized in sexual assault, domestic violence, drunk driving and other cases by suing the perpetrator for compensation for the victim's injuries. Although it may not heal the victim from any emotional and physical damage that has been done, the process helps to provide the victim with closure and helps to restore his or her respect and integrity.

Victimology is a relatively new area of law that few lawyers handle. Paul Bucher of Bucher Law Group, LLC, is one of the only attorneys in the state of Wisconsin who practices in this area. He has practiced both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, and he has worked for over 30 years in the district attorney's office, providing him with experience that far exceeds most lawyers in the area. Contact Bucher Law Group, LLC, in Delafield by calling 262-912-0878 to discuss your case.

You Can Seek Monetary Compensation For Your Pain And Suffering

If you have been the victim of assault, battery or domestic violence you have a right to pursue compensation for your injuries and pain. As your attorney, Mr. Bucher will evaluate the damages and put together a case with the goal of seeking justice. He has won verdicts in excess of $3 million for past cases and will put every effort into winning a settlement for you.

In addition to working with you on the case, Mr. Bucher can connect you with a counselor connected with the local police department. It's important that you have an opportunity to gain a sense of control over your situation in addition to pursuing compensation for your injuries. Contact us today by calling 262-912-0878.