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Charged with drug possession in Wisconsin? Save your future!

As a general rule, non-violent charges carry lesser sentences than violent charges. However, when it comes to drug possession, these rules do not always apply. If you are facing drug possession charges, it is vital to seek out a strong defense to ensure that your future is not derailed simply because the law allows harsh punishment for drug offenders.

Racine man arrest on several felony drug charges

Facing serious criminal allegations is a difficult predicament for Wisconsin residents. This is especially true if an individual is accused of committing a drug crime. If the elements of the presumed crime make it a felony, the accused could face harsh penalties and long-term consequences.

What is a juvenile delinquent?

As a pervious post highlighted, children and young adults in Wisconsin could be charged with a juvenile crime, facing serious consequences through the juvenile court system. While juveniles tried as juveniles face less harsh penalties when compared to their adult counterparts, this only occurs if the alleged offender is deemed a juvenile delinquent and will remain in the juvenile system.

The juvenile justice system in Wisconsin

Residents of all ages in Wisconsin can be accused of a crime. That means even individuals deemed children could face criminal allegations. While it is a serious situation to be charged with a crime, it is important to understand the difference between the juvenile justice system versus the criminal system adults are sent through. Additionally, it is crucial to be aware what could cause a child to be tried as an adult and have his or her case transferred to into the adult system.

Helping you fight a drunk driving charge

Being pulled over by the police is often an overwhelming event. For some motorists, it might be unclear why they were stopped; however, no matter the allegations, if a citation is issued, fines are likely to result. When drunk driving allegations are made, however, motorists could also face serious penalties. This charge is unlike other traffic violations and could result in the loss of a license, hefty fines and even jail time. Thus, it is important to understand the situation fully and what steps could be taken to avoid such consequences.

3 tips for fighting your OWI charge in Wisconsin

The State of Wisconsin takes drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs very seriously. That can mean that charges put you at risk of strict punishments. Fortunately, you're an adult with a long history without criminal charges. You have a good job, and you have positive references. There are affirmative defenses to DUI or OWI charges, so you can continue with the clean reputation you've always had.

We advise clients facing drug charges in Delafield

People in Delafield who are facing drug charges should know that there may be legal options available to them to fight or otherwise deal with the allegations. The prosecution is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt all of the elements of the crime alleged. And often there may be programs available to provide help instead of punishment for eligible defendants.