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Asserting the right defense against an OWI charge

If a traffic stop in Wisconsin is based on a suspected drunk driving incident, a motorist is likely to face various steps and tests that will determine if they are in fact under the influence of alcohol. If police believe that a driver is over the legal blood alcohol content limit, that driver could face a drunk driving charge.

How can you use self-defense in your criminal case?

When individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere are placed in danger, they will likely react to the matter in a certain way. Whether it is the situation, a person or a weapon that ignites these dangers, people may take steps to protect themselves. It is an accepted principle that a person may take certain steps in self-defense.

Your rights during the criminal trial process

Being arrested for a criminal allegation is a difficult event to process. While individuals in Wisconsin and other states across the nation understand that they are afforded certain rights, this doesn't make it any easier to face criminal charges. Many questions and emotions arise when a defendant is formally charged with a crime. Thus, it is important to understand what happens next.

Is Marijuana Legal in Wisconsin?

It appears that the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Walker are heading in the direction of one day approving the medicinal use of marijuana. Although Wisconsin is taking "baby steps", it is moving in the right direction as it relates to the medicinal use of marijuana.

Milwaukee woman arrested for third OWI offense

Motorists are expected to follow the rules of the road. If police officers believe they have observed a traffic violation, the officer can pull that motorist over. In some cases, it might not be apparent that the driver has violated a traffic law. However, this doesn't mean that they will not face a citation. In fact, some motorists could face serious penalties for the traffic crimes they are accused of.

What are the drunk driving laws in Wisconsin?

Being pulled over by the police is often unexpected and, in most cases, motorists become nervous. Regardless of the traffic offense, drivers do not want to face the potential penalties of the citation. However, in some cases, these consequences could be serious, such as in cases of a suspected drunk driving.