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Oak Creek woman arrested at Value Inn for domestic violence

As a previous post highlighted, some criminal charges can impact more than just the individual accused of a crime. With regards to domestic violence, defendants as well as the alleged victim could experience a harmed, limited, or severed relationship with a significant other or family member. Thus, even if the penalties associated with the crime do not seem harsh, which they can be, the personal consequences are often serious.

Understanding domestic abuse and its consequences

Conflicts occur amongst loved ones. While some of these disputes are minor and can be overcome quickly, others escalate, causing major arguments that involve threats and harm. Domestic abuse is a serious crime of which to be accused. It not only carries with it severe penalties, but it also impacts the relationship between and among family members or significant others. Thus, it is important that accused individuals understand the elements of the crime and the potential penalties it carries. This knowledge could help a defendant assert a strong defense, thereby protecting his or her rights.

Understanding the criminal trial process

Being accused of a crime is anything but an easy circumstance to face. While some residents in Wisconsin feel as is they have no option but to accept their fate, criminal defendants should be fully aware of their legal options. Asserting a defense, no matter how severe the charge or how many charges one faces, is always an option. Thus, it is important to understand the criminal defense strategies available.

Helping initiate a strong and aggressive criminal defense action

No one expects to face criminal charges. Thus, when individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere are faced with a crime, he or she is not prepared for the criminal defense process. Nonetheless, defendants should not let the opportunity to defend their rights and possibly beat any criminal allegations pass them by. Initiating a strong criminal defense begins by taking immediate action. From the moment of accusation, defendants can begin the process of proving their innocence.

What are collateral consequences following a criminal conviction?

Facing a criminal charge can be an overwhelming experience. It can be difficult to process everything that is going on, and many thoughts and concerns run through the accused's mind. How serious is the charge? What evidence can be used against me? What penalties could I face? Are there any other consequences I could be hit with for having a criminal conviction? These are all normal question to face. However, many defendants in Wisconsin and elsewhere do not always focus on the last question and how a conviction could mean more than facing the penalties associated with the crime.

Criminal convictions that limit eligibility for student aid

Being charged with a crime can be life-altering for Wisconsin residents. A criminal conviction can lead to serious penalties, such as fines and jail or prison time. Additionally, a defendant could suffer personal and professional consequences, because a criminal conviction could harm their reputation. Another way a criminal record could impact an individual is by impacting the ability to get an education.

How can you use self-defense in your criminal case?

When individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere are placed in danger, they will likely react to the matter in a certain way. Whether it is the situation, a person or a weapon that ignites these dangers, people may take steps to protect themselves. It is an accepted principle that a person may take certain steps in self-defense.

Your rights during the criminal trial process

Being arrested for a criminal allegation is a difficult event to process. While individuals in Wisconsin and other states across the nation understand that they are afforded certain rights, this doesn't make it any easier to face criminal charges. Many questions and emotions arise when a defendant is formally charged with a crime. Thus, it is important to understand what happens next.

What is a juvenile delinquent?

As a pervious post highlighted, children and young adults in Wisconsin could be charged with a juvenile crime, facing serious consequences through the juvenile court system. While juveniles tried as juveniles face less harsh penalties when compared to their adult counterparts, this only occurs if the alleged offender is deemed a juvenile delinquent and will remain in the juvenile system.

The juvenile justice system in Wisconsin

Residents of all ages in Wisconsin can be accused of a crime. That means even individuals deemed children could face criminal allegations. While it is a serious situation to be charged with a crime, it is important to understand the difference between the juvenile justice system versus the criminal system adults are sent through. Additionally, it is crucial to be aware what could cause a child to be tried as an adult and have his or her case transferred to into the adult system.