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Oak Creek driver faces drug charges following a traffic stop

When motorists in Wisconsin are stopped by police officers, they expect to receive a warning or a traffic ticket. While this is the best-case scenario during a traffic stop, motorists could face far more serious charges and consequences if police officers suspect that a driver or their passengers have committed a crime. If a controlled substance is discovered in a vehicle either subject to a search or because it was in open sight, this could result in drug charges.

What are the laws on drug paraphernalia possession in Wisconsin?

Drug crimes can vary greatly due to the variety of drug types, the quantity in question and the suspected activity with the alleged drugs. While some drug crimes are known to be more serious than others, charges related to drug paraphernalia are often viewed as minor. Nonetheless, those accused of possessing drug paraphernalia should understand that they could still face drug charges that carry with them notable penalties. Thus, no matter how minor or severe a drug charge, defense options should always be considered.

Drug crime defenses: Your protection against charges

When you face drug charges, you could be looking at years of imprisonment, heavy fines and other penalties. It's very important that you have someone on your side to help you fight for your rights. Your attorney is there to assist you, and one of the things he or she will do is talk to you about your potential defense options.

Is Marijuana Legal in Wisconsin?

It appears that the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Walker are heading in the direction of one day approving the medicinal use of marijuana. Although Wisconsin is taking "baby steps", it is moving in the right direction as it relates to the medicinal use of marijuana.

Enrolling in a drug diversion program to avoid harsh penalties

Some state programs are designed to both deter crimes from occurring and help offenders re-enter society. For those accused of drug crimes, one of these programs is a drug diversion program. This program is designed to provide treatment for those convicted of certain drug crimes. Additionally, entering a drug diversion program could help defendants avoid harsher penalties.

Guiding you through the defense process following drug charges

Facing a drug crime allegation can be extremely detrimental to the professional and personal reputation of the accused. Additionally, depending on the criminal history of a defendant, the type of drug they allegedly possessed, the quantity of drugs in their possession and what acts the person is being accused of, a defendant could face serious penalties. Thus, it is important to take every drug charge seriously.

The different types of drug crimes

When defendants in Wisconsin are facing drug charges, they could be faced with consequences that will impact them for a lifetime. Both federal and state laws outline various types of drug crimes. Depending on the type of charges, a defendant could face harsh penalties. State drug laws tend to be narrower, but they cannot conflict with current federal drug laws. State drug crimes tend to result in short-term sentencing or even probation, but federal drug charges have the tendency to result in longer sentences.

Charged with drug possession in Wisconsin? Save your future!

As a general rule, non-violent charges carry lesser sentences than violent charges. However, when it comes to drug possession, these rules do not always apply. If you are facing drug possession charges, it is vital to seek out a strong defense to ensure that your future is not derailed simply because the law allows harsh punishment for drug offenders.

Racine man arrest on several felony drug charges

Facing serious criminal allegations is a difficult predicament for Wisconsin residents. This is especially true if an individual is accused of committing a drug crime. If the elements of the presumed crime make it a felony, the accused could face harsh penalties and long-term consequences.

We advise clients facing drug charges in Delafield

People in Delafield who are facing drug charges should know that there may be legal options available to them to fight or otherwise deal with the allegations. The prosecution is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt all of the elements of the crime alleged. And often there may be programs available to provide help instead of punishment for eligible defendants.