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Guiding you through the defense process following drug charges

Facing a drug crime allegation can be extremely detrimental to the professional and personal reputation of the accused. Additionally, depending on the criminal history of a defendant, the type of drug they allegedly possessed, the quantity of drugs in their possession and what acts the person is being accused of, a defendant could face serious penalties. Thus, it is important to take every drug charge seriously.

The different types of drug crimes

When defendants in Wisconsin are facing drug charges, they could be faced with consequences that will impact them for a lifetime. Both federal and state laws outline various types of drug crimes. Depending on the type of charges, a defendant could face harsh penalties. State drug laws tend to be narrower, but they cannot conflict with current federal drug laws. State drug crimes tend to result in short-term sentencing or even probation, but federal drug charges have the tendency to result in longer sentences.

Charged with drug possession in Wisconsin? Save your future!

As a general rule, non-violent charges carry lesser sentences than violent charges. However, when it comes to drug possession, these rules do not always apply. If you are facing drug possession charges, it is vital to seek out a strong defense to ensure that your future is not derailed simply because the law allows harsh punishment for drug offenders.

Racine man arrest on several felony drug charges

Facing serious criminal allegations is a difficult predicament for Wisconsin residents. This is especially true if an individual is accused of committing a drug crime. If the elements of the presumed crime make it a felony, the accused could face harsh penalties and long-term consequences.

We advise clients facing drug charges in Delafield

People in Delafield who are facing drug charges should know that there may be legal options available to them to fight or otherwise deal with the allegations. The prosecution is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt all of the elements of the crime alleged. And often there may be programs available to provide help instead of punishment for eligible defendants.

Laws related to possession of drug paraphernalia in Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents who are arrested on charges related to drug paraphernalia should understand what they entail and the penalties that accompany a conviction. There are different levels related to this violation, including possession of drug paraphernalia, manufacture and delivery of drug paraphernalia and delivery of drug paraphernalia to a minor. They differ in terms of what the charges will be and the accompanying penalties. Anyone who has been placed under arrest for these charges should have a grasp of what they are confronted with.

Three Wisconsin men receive commutation for drug charges

Facing drug charges can be a difficult time for a defendant. However, enduring the consequences of a drug crime conviction can be life-altering. On top of the penalties associated with the crime, such as prison time and fines, the accused endures personal and professional hardships while they are in prison and once they are released. Therefore, even if an individual in Wisconsin is convicted of a drug crime and is serving time, it is important to note that there are criminal defense options even after a conviction.

Who is the drug diversion program in Wisconsin available to?

Being accused of a drug crime can be very detrimental for residents in Wisconsin. Whether an individuals has a clean record or not, it is likely that even the allegations of a drug crime with tarnish a person's personal and professional reputation. Thus, it is important to consider not only defense opportunities but also alternatives to jail and prison sentences.

Helping you assert a strong defense against a drug charge

Being accused of a drug crime is not something to take lightly. Such an accusation could tarnish an individual's reputation, making it difficult to maintain personal and professional relations in his or her community. Therefore, it is crucial that defendants take steps to protect their rights by developing a strong criminal defense.

Will Wisconsin ever alter its stance toward marijuana?

This past election saw marijuana legalization efforts continue to make significant inroads across the U.S. Indeed, voters in Massachusetts, Nevada, California and Maine opted to legalize the drug for recreational purposes, while voters in North Dakota, Arkansas and Florida opted to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes.