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Can Breathalyzer tests fail?

When individuals are slapped with a drunk driving charge, prosecutors rely on certain tests to try to prove their case. While field sobriety tests and breath tests are considered reliable evidence that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, motorists in Wisconsin should note that these tests and devices are not always accurate and reliable. Thus, it is possible to challenge these results, helping an accused individual assert a strong defense.

Oconomowoc man faces 10 felony counts after suspected OWI crash

Being involved in an wreck is a serious and tragic event. However, when a motorist is accused of a crime following a car accident, the matter's severity can increase significantly. If an officer believes that a driver was negligent or under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, for example, it is likely that the officer will take investigative steps based on those suspicions. This could mean forcing a driver to going through a sobriety test and a breath test. If the results of these tests reveal that a driver was intoxicated, then he or she may be hit with a drunk driving charge.

Consequences for refusing to submit to a breath test

Wisconsin drivers who are pulled over by police officers may not be fully aware of their rights. A driver might be compelled to say "no" to an officer's request, not fully understanding the consequences of such an action. While individuals stopped by law enforcement have rights and the ability to invoke them, when a driver suspected of drunk driving says no to a breath test, he or she could face penalties regardless of whether he or she is charged and convicted of a DUI.

Issues with field sobriety tests

As a previous post discussed, being suspected of drunk driving can be an overwhelming experience for motorists in Wisconsin and other states across the nation. For some drivers, he or she might be under the impression that the police officer stopping them has enough evidence against them to place them under arrest. However, an officer must have enough evidence collected to have probable cause to place a driver under arrest.

Asserting the right defense against an OWI charge

If a traffic stop in Wisconsin is based on a suspected drunk driving incident, a motorist is likely to face various steps and tests that will determine if they are in fact under the influence of alcohol. If police believe that a driver is over the legal blood alcohol content limit, that driver could face a drunk driving charge.

Milwaukee woman arrested for third OWI offense

Motorists are expected to follow the rules of the road. If police officers believe they have observed a traffic violation, the officer can pull that motorist over. In some cases, it might not be apparent that the driver has violated a traffic law. However, this doesn't mean that they will not face a citation. In fact, some motorists could face serious penalties for the traffic crimes they are accused of.

What are the drunk driving laws in Wisconsin?

Being pulled over by the police is often unexpected and, in most cases, motorists become nervous. Regardless of the traffic offense, drivers do not want to face the potential penalties of the citation. However, in some cases, these consequences could be serious, such as in cases of a suspected drunk driving.

Can you refuse a breath test during a suspected DUI stop?

Being pulled over by the police is often a nerve-wrecking position to be in for motorists in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Whether or not a driver is fully aware of why they were stopped or not, the driver is likely nervous that they could face a traffic charge. In cases where a driver is suspected of drunk driving, a driver might be unsure what they are required to do and what they may refuse to submit to. While drivers are likely to comply with field sobriety tests, they might be wary when it comes to taking a breathalyzer.

Helping you fight a drunk driving charge

Being pulled over by the police is often an overwhelming event. For some motorists, it might be unclear why they were stopped; however, no matter the allegations, if a citation is issued, fines are likely to result. When drunk driving allegations are made, however, motorists could also face serious penalties. This charge is unlike other traffic violations and could result in the loss of a license, hefty fines and even jail time. Thus, it is important to understand the situation fully and what steps could be taken to avoid such consequences.

3 tips for fighting your OWI charge in Wisconsin

The State of Wisconsin takes drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs very seriously. That can mean that charges put you at risk of strict punishments. Fortunately, you're an adult with a long history without criminal charges. You have a good job, and you have positive references. There are affirmative defenses to DUI or OWI charges, so you can continue with the clean reputation you've always had.