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Workers' Compensation Frequently Asked Questions in Wisconsin

Milwaukee County Workers' Compensation Attorney

Waukesha County Lawyer Answers FAQs about Workers' Comp

Worker's compensation can be a complicated issue, but anyone who is injured while they are on the job should be sure they understand their rights as they pursue a claim. At Bucher Law Offices, LLC, we provide legal assistance in a wide variety of cases involving job-related injuries, and we can help you understand what steps to take to receive the compensation you deserve. Here are answers to a few of the common questions we receive about workers' comp:

1. What happens when you are hurt at work and the employer and their insurer say they aren't liable and want you to put the medical bills through your health insurance?

The answer is to tell your doctor that you believe this is a work-related injury (explaining why you believe this) and ask them to send the bills to the workers' compensation carrier. If the carrier denies your claim, the bills should then be sent to your insurer.

2. Do I have to go to the doctor the company sends me to?

No, you have the right to select your own doctor, as well as a second doctor.

3. When do I have to return to work after an injury?

When your doctor releases you with no restrictions, simply tell your employer that you are eligible to work and see if they have a position available for you. If you have any restrictions, make sure your employer is aware of them and that both they and you adhere to your doctor's orders.

4. What can an attorney do for me?

We will help you get all benefits you are entitled to, as well those you are entitled to in the future. Remember, it is the insurance company's goal to pay you as little benefits as they can, but you have a right to compensation for expenses including medical care and loss of income when you suffer an injury while working.

Contact a Milwaukee County Workers' Compensation Lawyer

When you are seeking compensation for an on-the-job injury, you need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney on your side to advocate for your rights throughout the process. At Bucher Law Group, LLC, we have represented clients in many workers' compensation cases, and we will thoroughly examine your situation and help you understand the best approach to take as you pursue your claim. Contact our Waukesha County worker's compensation attorneys at 262-303-4916 to schedule a free initial consultation. We serve clients in Delafield, Oconomowoc, New Berlin, Mukwonago, Big Bend, and West Bend.

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