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what happens during a dui arrest

OWI laws in Wisconsin are constantly changing and penalties are becoming harsher. Being stopped for an OWI could result in the immediate loss of your driver's license and allowing you only 10 days to request a hearing. It's important that you have an experienced attorney by your side. The attorneys at Bucher Law Group, LLC, will represent you at the hearing and may be able to save your driver's license. The sooner you contact us, the better. Call 262-303-4916 to speak with a Waukesha County OWI lawyer today.

Working Hard To Reduce Or Eliminate Your OWI Charges

With a first offense, you may be required to get an ignition interlock device, which is a mechanism installed on the dashboard of your vehicle. You would be required to exhale into the device, which takes a blood alcohol concentration reading. If your reading is above a certain percentage, the device will prevent the engine from starting. We can free you from this burden by working to avoid having this device installed, as well as protecting your rights during prosecution; be it the first or the tenth offense, we have the experience and competence to assist you immediately. Don't wait, call us today.

Worse yet, a second offense will result in jail time. We can work to significantly reduce a sentence, if not eliminate it altogether. We have worked with clients in the past who enrolled in Wisconsin's Intoxicated Driver Program, a treatment program that can reduce jail time to 30 days or less. We helped develop the Alcohol Treatment Court, which is an effective tool for the third and fourth offender.

On a third or fourth offense, your vehicle could be seized and sold at auction. We can get involved immediately to work toward saving your car and devising an action plan going forward. We will work to eliminate or reduce any jail time and decrease charges, if possible. We are involved in your case immediately and take advantage of every opportunity to quickly resolve the matter or prepare for trial.

Contact Our Waukesha County OWI Lawyers Today

The state of Wisconsin takes OWI cases extremely seriously, and you should too. If you have been stopped for driving while intoxicated, contact a Waukesha County OWI lawyer at Bucher Law Group, LLC, by calling 262-303-4916 right away. The sooner we can get to work on your case, the more we can do for you. From our office in Delafield, we serve clients throughout Waukesha County, Milwaukee County and Jefferson County.

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