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b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-22.jpgWhether a couple has been married for a year or 20 years, they are bound to experience some challenges. Often times, these challenges hurt a couple’s relationship rather than strengthen it, resulting in divorce. Let us take a look at the top 6 reasons marriages end in divorce.

1. Lack of Communication. A relationship cannot be successful without open lines of communication. When spouses fail to share their positive and negative feelings with one another and keep things to themselves, problems are likely to arise. 

Since marital problems cannot be solved when there is no willingness to communicate, negative feelings may build up over time--leaving problems unresolved and therefore causing frustration and resentment. This frustration and resentment eventually leads to a divorce.


Posted on in Drunk Driving

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-11.jpgUber is a ride-sharing company that is used daily by individuals who need transportation to work, the airport, social events, or just about anywhere. If you are in need of a ride, you can download the Uber app, request a vehicle to come to your location, and pay for your ride through the app with a debit or credit card. Since its inception in 2009, Uber has become the convenient and less expensive alternative to taxis. 

Thousands of individuals make a living driving for Uber. Whether you drive for Uber full-time or on an occasional basis whenever you are in need of some extra money, you will find that it is a flexible job that gives you the opportunity to make as much or as little money as you would like.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you may be wondering whether you will be able to land a job driving for Uber. To answer this question, let’s take a closer look at the requirements for Uber drivers. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-19.jpgWhile divorce is difficult for the couple involved, it can also take a serious toll on the lives of their children. If you are going through a divorce, you should make it a priority to help your children cope with it.

Regardless of the age of your children, these tips are sure to help them get through this rough patch so that they can focus on school, extracurricular activities, hobbies, friends, and anything else that brings them the health and happiness they deserve. 

  • Avoid Being Critical of Your Spouse. You should be truthful when explaining the reasons for the divorce to your children. However, while you are being truthful, you should avoid blaming their mother or father and keep your negative feelings to yourself. You can hurt your children by speaking ill about their other parent.
  • Emphasize That They Did Not Cause the Divorce. Sometimes, children may believe that their parents are getting divorced because they were constantly arguing about them. If this is the case with your children, you should reassure them that they have nothing to do with the divorce. 
  • Always Tell Them You Love Them. During a divorce, life can get hectic and stressful, making it easy for you to forget to tell your children that you love them. A simple “I love you” every day is a powerful way to show your children that the divorce will not change how you care for and love them. 
  • Work Together with Your Ex-Spouse. Even though your marriage did not work out, your children should still be considered the most important people in your life as well as the life of your ex-spouse. Therefore, if possible, you should work together with your ex-spouse to raise your children well. It’s important for you and your ex-spouse to divide up parental duties and come to a custody and visitation agreement that has their best interests in mind.
  • Minimize Major Lifestyle Changes. You should make an effort to minimize major lifestyle changes that your divorce may bring to your children. For example, your children should continue living in the same home, attending the same school, and participating in the same routine and activities that they were prior to your divorce. Keeping life stable can reduce hardship on your child and help get their mind off of the divorce. 

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Posted on in Drunk Driving

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-20.jpgGetting pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI) can be a frightening experience. Fortunately, there are several ways you can avoid a DUI charge as well as getting pulled over in the first place. If you are going out to a party or any social event where drinking will be involved, be sure to adhere to the tips listed below.


  • Eat Something. Always eat something while you are drinking. By eating, you can slow down your body’s alcohol intake. If you drink on an empty stomach, your body will absorb alcohol quicker, causing your blood alcohol content or BAC to increase at a faster rate than if you had food in your system.
  • Drive Safely and Ensure Your Vehicle is in Good Condition. If you do drive after a party or social event, be sure to drive safely and ensure your vehicle is in good condition so that the police do not have a reasonable suspicion to pull your over. Your headlights should be on and your vehicle should be free of leaks, shattered windows, broken taillights, and other issues.
  • Make Sure Your Driver’s License and Insurance Information is Easily Accessible. When a police officer pulls you over, they will ask you for your driver’s license and car insurance information. Keeping both your license and insurance information in a place that is easily accessible may prevent suspicion that you may be driving drunk.
  • Utilize a Taxi or Ride-Sharing Service. If you are drinking, utilize a taxi or ride-sharing service such as Uber or Lyft. Spending some money on a taxi or ride-sharing service is well worth it considering it can save you from thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record.
  • Designate a Driver. If you know you will be drinking, it is a good idea to designate a driver to make sure you get home safely. You should take turns being the designated driver with friends and family members so that one person is not always left with the burden. 
  • Find Somewhere to Sleep. If you are drinking at a friend or family member’s house, ask them if you could sleep over that night. In the event you are drinking at a wedding or another special event, you should book a hotel that is within walking distance so you do not have to worry about driving home afterwards.
  • Host a Party at Home. If you would like to drink without the risk of being charged with a DUI, you should consider hosting a party at home. If you are drinking at home, you will not have any reason to leave your home and engage in drunk driving.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-21.jpgWhen you are pulled over for drunk driving, you may be confused and unsure of what to expect. In addition to a breath test, a law enforcement officer in Wisconsin will ask you to complete a series of field sobriety tests prior to your potential arrest. Field sobriety tests are known as “divided attention” tests, which are intended to evaluate your ability to drive safely.

Although an officer may ask you to complete a few non-standardized tests, there are three field sobriety tests that the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration recognizes as the most accurate. These tests include the horizontal gaze nystagmus or HGN test, the walk and turn test, and the one-leg stand test.


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