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Untitled---2023-11-16T093122.825.jpgIn the state of Wisconsin, child pornography offenses are taken very seriously, and they carry severe penalties for people who are convicted. The possession, distribution, or production of child pornography is considered a sex crime, and in addition to facing criminal penalties such as jail time and fines, an alleged offender may also experience other serious consequences, including damage to their reputation, difficulty finding employment or housing, the requirement to register as a sex offender, and more. In situations involving accusations of child pornography offenses, you will need an experienced attorney on your side as you defend against criminal charges.

Definition of Child Pornography

Under Wisconsin law, child pornography refers to any visual depiction of a child in which the child is engaging in conduct that is considered to be sexually explicit. These materials can include photographs, videos, digital images, or any other form of media. Conduct committed by a child that may lead to child pornography charges may include various acts such as actual or simulated sexual intercourse, masturbation, sadistic or masochistic abuse, or nudity.

A person may be charged with this offense if they knowingly possess this type of explicit material or access it on a computer or other device. If the person knew or reasonably should have had reason to know that the material involved depictions of one or more children engaging in sexual conduct and that the child engaging in this conduct was younger than 18 years old, they may face child pornography charges.


Untitled---2023-11-03T095530.754.jpgThere are numerous reasons why drivers in Wisconsin may be pulled over by police officers and cited with traffic violations. Most of the time, these violations will be fairly minor, and tickets for speeding, running red lights or stop signs, and similar offenses may not seem very serious. However, there are some offenses that are treated more seriously because they may endanger others or even cause people to suffer injuries in car accidents. Based on the severity of a violation, a person could face charges of reckless driving, which is usually treated as a criminal offense rather than a traffic infraction. 

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a reckless driving charge, a person could be required to pay large fines, or they could even be sentenced to time in jail. To make sure these charges will be addressed correctly, an attorney can provide representation and help defend against a conviction on reckless driving charges.

What Is Reckless Driving?

Under Wisconsin law, reckless driving involves operating a motor vehicle in a way that endangers someone’s personal safety or creates a risk the property will be damaged or destroyed. The negligent operation of a vehicle in this way may lead to criminal charges. More serious charges will apply if someone suffers an injury or if a driver operated a vehicle recklessly on or around a railroad crossing.


Untitled---2023-10-31T102537.918.jpgMost people are familiar with the crime of retail theft, which is also known as shoplifting. Retail theft charges typically involve stealing merchandise or goods from a store. However, in some cases, retail theft charges can also include the theft of services. The theft of services refers to situations where a person obtains services without paying for them or intentionally deceives a service provider to avoid payment. These actions can be a serious criminal offense, and depending on the value of the services that were not paid for, a person may face misdemeanor or felony charges. Those who have been accused of theft of services can protect their rights by securing representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Understanding Retail Theft

Retail theft or shoplifting is a criminal offense that may apply if a person is accused of taking merchandise from a store or retail establishment without paying the full price. Criminal charges may apply if a person is accused of engaging in actions such as concealing merchandise, altering price tags, or switching packaging to pay less than the actual value of the item.

In most cases, retail theft involves physical products like clothing, electronics, or groceries. However, there are instances where retail theft charges extend beyond tangible goods and encompass services provided by businesses.


Untitled---2023-10-24T125059.470.jpgIn the state of Wisconsin, homicide is a serious crime that involves the intentional and unlawful killing of another person. However, not all homicides are treated equally under the law. The severity of the offense and the potential penalties that may apply if a person is convicted will depend on whether it is classified as first-degree or second-degree homicide. Those who have been accused of murder or homicide will need to make sure they have representation from an attorney who has experience defending against these types of criminal charges.

First-Degree Homicide

First-degree homicide is considered the most serious form of murder in Wisconsin. It involves intentionally killing someone with premeditation and deliberation. That is, anyone who causes someone else’s death when they had intended to kill them or someone else may be charged with first-degree homicide.

Wisconsin also defines the offense of first-degree reckless homicide. This offense may apply if a person causes someone else’s death by acting recklessly or negligently and showing an “utter disregard for human life.” For example, a person who was driving a vehicle at a high speed through a residential area may be charged with first-degree reckless homicide if they struck and killed a pedestrian, since they should have been aware that their actions were likely to result in serious injuries or death.


WI defense lawyerBeing accused of sexual assault is a serious matter that can have life-altering consequences. People in this situation may face severe penalties if they are convicted. A person could be sentenced to serve time in prison, required to pay large fines, and forced to register as a sex offender. Outside of the legal system, sexual assault accusations can destroy a person’s reputation. This may lead to the loss of employment, damage to personal relationships, or issues affecting child custody. 

If you have been accused of sexual assault, it is crucial to understand the defense strategies that you may be able to use during your case. An experienced attorney can provide the legal help you need, ensuring that you will be able to address sex crime charges correctly.

Potential Defense Strategies

When building a defense against charges of sexual assault, there are several potential strategies that may be used:

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