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Racine man arrest on several felony drug charges

 Posted on March 30, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Facing serious criminal allegations is a difficult predicament for Wisconsin residents. This is especially true if an individual is accused of committing a drug crime. If the elements of the presumed crime make it a felony, the accused could face harsh penalties and long-term consequences.

A Racine man is in such a situation following his recent arrest. According to recent reports, the 34-year-old man was arrested following a sting operation. The man allegedly sold crack and heroin to undercover police officers. Following this arrest, a warrant was granted to search the man's residence.

The search allegedly resulted in the discovery of a plethora of drugs at his place of residence. Police reportedly found 30 individually packaged bags of heroin, which totaled 15 grams, six individually packaged bags of cocaine, which totaled 1.1 grams, an unspecified amount of marijuana, a digital scale, packaging materials and roughly $4,000 in cash.

Following this search, the man now faces several felony drug charges. Such a situation could result in serious penalties if the individual is convicted on these charges. However, anyone facing criminal charges following a search and seizure should ensure all proper steps were taken. An improper search and seizure could help a defendant suppress evidence, helping them reduce or even dismiss some or all of the charges against them.

When Wisconsin residents are placed under arrest for a drug crime, they might think that the state has endless evidence on them. While it might seem like it could be difficult to assert a criminal defense, each and every defendant is afforded defense options. Thus, it is important to understand which defense route is in your best interests.

Source: Patch.com, " Alleged Crack Cocaine, Heroin Dealer Sells to Undercover Racine County Agents," Carrie Frillman, March 14, 2017

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