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Who is the drug diversion program in Wisconsin available to?

 Posted on January 13, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Being accused of a drug crime can be very detrimental for residents in Wisconsin. Whether an individuals has a clean record or not, it is likely that even the allegations of a drug crime with tarnish a person's personal and professional reputation. Thus, it is important to consider not only defense opportunities but also alternatives to jail and prison sentences.

Who is the drug diversion program in Wisconsin available to? The Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Program or TAD is a collaborative effort to provide non-violent offenders with multidisciplinary assessments, substance abuse treatment, monitoring, drug testing, supportive and educational services and case management.

In addition to helping offenders reduce their sentences or avoid incarceration, the TAD program has impacted the state of Wisconsin in several ways. First, it has enhanced substance abuse treatment, case management and monitoring of offenders in the state. It has encouraged collaboration between the courts, law enforcement, the department of corrections, treatment providers and community service providers. Lastly, it has created the ability to identify and screen offenders earlier, allowing for increased opportunities to participate in diversion programs.

While defendants facing drug charges often seek ways to reduce or dismiss the charges against them, some do not consider diversion programs as a defense option. Although defendants should take steps to complete further investigation and protect his or her rights in the matter, it is important to consider what defense is in the best interest of the accused. Those unsure what steps to take could benefit from talking with a legal professional. This will not only ensure you understand your options but also your rights in the matter as well.

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