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Is Marijuana Legal in Wisconsin?

 Posted on May 16, 2017 in Criminal Defense

It appears that the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Walker are heading in the direction of one day approving the medicinal use of marijuana. Although Wisconsin is taking "baby steps", it is moving in the right direction as it relates to the medicinal use of marijuana.

In a series of legislative acts passed by the Wisconsin Legislature and signed by Governor Walker, a derivative of Tetrahydrocannabinol ("THC") known as CBD Oil has been made legal in Wisconsin, with certain restrictions as to its possession and distribution. CBD Oil contains a very low level and, in some cases no level, of THC, which is the active ingredient of marijuana. CBD Oil is believed to have no psychotic effect nor produce a "high." It is designed to reduce seizures and assist individuals who would benefit medically from very low doses of THC.

If you research the genesis of CBD oil, you will find it is produced from Hemp, and we will provide further information on Hemp in future posts. If you are interested in possessing, purchasing or manufacturing CBD Oil, do not simply purchase from an out of state manufacturer, with the intent of selling it in Wisconsin. Bucher Law Group is currently dealing with clients who have been charged with the delivery of marijuana for selling CBD Oil. The law requires that there be a prescription or certification for CBD Oil from a physician. If you or your family could benefit from the use of this oil, you need to seek certification from your physician.

Bucher Law Group continues to monitor Wisconsin legislation to ensure the protection of our clients. The issue of CBD oil is rapidly gaining interest in our state, and requires an acute knowledge of the legislative process and the drug laws in Wisconsin.

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