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How Can an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Help a Juvenile Offender?

 Posted on June 09, 2023 in Criminal Defense

WI defense lawyerWhen a juvenile is charged with a crime, it can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience for both the youngster and their parents. This is why seeking the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential. Understanding how a criminal defense lawyer can be an invaluable asset to a juvenile offender and their family is crucial, as the first thing anyone should do, regardless of whether they are a juvenile or an adult, is to hire a skilled attorney to ensure they are not only aware of their rights but also can make certain that those rights are always protected.

Here is How an Attorney Can Help a Juvenile

Firstly, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can work closely with the juvenile and their parents to pursue a favorable case outcome. This is crucial when fighting for a juvenile offender’s rights due to the unique needs of young people in the criminal justice system. Attorneys can review the facts of the case and develop an effective strategy to achieve an optimal outcome, whether it be through plea negotiations, obtaining diversionary programs, or fighting for a complete dismissal of the charges.

Additionally, the attorney can also help the juvenile offender understand their rights and the potential consequences of their actions. Often, young people arrested for crimes do not realize the long-term impact of a criminal record, from difficulty getting into college to trouble finding future employment. The attorney can work with the juvenile and their parents to establish some realistic future goals while actively fighting to protect their current interests.

Furthermore, the attorney can negotiate with the prosecution on behalf of the juvenile to ensure they receive appropriate support and treatment if sentenced to spend time in a juvenile detention facility. In situations where the prosecution desires detention, counsel can argue for alternative forms of sentencing focused on enabling the juvenile to stay with their family, retain access to education, and gain access to meaningful rehabilitative opportunities.

Since juveniles’ brain continues to develop well into their twenties, special strategies are needed to protect them from the potential consequences of a criminal conviction. The attorney may decide it is in the best interests of the juvenile for the attorney to engage professionals in the medical or psychological fields to ensure that any underlying issues the youth is experiencing, which could be impacting their tendency to partake in risky and unlawful situations, can be taken care of, to prevent future instances of criminal behavior.

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