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What Are the Most Common Types of Violent Crime Charges in Wisconsin?

 Posted on October 29, 2021 in Criminal Defense

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Of the different types of criminal charges that a person may face, violent crimes are among the most serious. Because these offenses involve serious harm to an alleged victim, an alleged offender may be required to pay a high amount of bail following an arrest, and they may be subject to restrictions regarding the places they can go and the types of activities they can engage in. If a person is convicted, they are likely to be sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, as well as additional restrictions upon their release. By understanding the types of violent crimes that are most commonly charged in Wisconsin and working with an experienced attorney, people facing these types of charges can determine their best options for defense.

Wisconsin Violent Crimes in 2020

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, the rate of violent crimes in Wisconsin increased by 8.85 percent in 2020. According to reports submitted by law enforcement agencies in the state, the following types of offenses were charged most often:

  • Aggravated battery - There were 12,464 cases of this offense in 2020. This offense involves the intentional infliction of bodily harm on another person, resulting in permanent disfigurement, loss or impairment of a body part or organ, or other serious injuries. At a minimum, this offense is charged as a Class H felony, and a conviction can result in a prison sentence of up to six years and a fine of up to $10,000. 

  • Robbery - 2,922 of these offenses were reported in 2020. This offense may be charged if a person is accused of taking someone else’s property by overpowering the person or threatening to use force. Robbery is a Class E felony, and a conviction may result in a prison sentence of up to 15 years and a fine of up to $50,000. A person may be charged with armed robbery if they allegedly used or threatened to use a dangerous weapon while committing robbery. This offense is a Class C felony, which can result in a prison sentence of up to 40 years and a fine of up to $100,000.

  • Sexual assault - This offense, which is commonly referred to as rape, involves engaging in sexual intercourse with a person without their consent. A third-degree sexual assault charge is a Class G felony, which can result in a jail sentence of up to 10 years and a fine of up to $25,000. A charge may be elevated to second-degree sexual assault, a Class C felony, if a person allegedly used force or threatened to commit violence, engaged in sexual intercourse with a person who was unconscious or too intoxicated to give consent. First-degree sexual assault may be charged if a person allegedly used a dangerous weapon, inflicted great bodily injury, or caused a victim to become pregnant. First-degree sexual assault is a Class B felony, and a conviction can result in a prison sentence of up to 60 years. There were 1,759 cases of rape reported in Wisconsin in 2020.

  • Homicide - 292 homicides in which a person wrongfully caused the death of someone else were reported in 2020. These offenses include first-degree intentional homicide, which is a Class A felony that can result in a sentence of life in prison, or first-degree reckless homicide or second-degree intentional homicide, both of which are Class B felonies. A person may also face homicide charges if they cause someone’s death while committing DUI/OWI. This is a Class D felony that can result in a prison sentence of up to 25 years and a fine of up to $100,000.

Contact Our Dodge County Violent Crime Defense Lawyers

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, Bucher Law Group, LLC can help you determine your best options for defending against these charges. We will work with you to build an effective defense strategy that will help you avoid a conviction or allow for charges to be reduced or dismissed. Contact our Waukesha County criminal defense attorneys at 262-303-4916 to set up a complimentary consultation today.





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