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Read Our Top 10 Wisconsin Criminal Defense Blogs in 2023

 Posted on January 25, 2024 in Criminal Defense

Jefferson County criminal defense attorneyAt Bucher Law Group, LLC, we publish blogs about a variety of topics related to criminal defense, and our goal is to make sure our readers are informed about these issues. We regularly discuss different types of criminal charges, penalties that people may face if convicted, and strategies for defense that our attorney may be able to employ. In 2023, we published numerous blogs addressing different areas of Wisconsin criminal law, and we wanted to highlight the posts that were most popular with visitors to our site:

  1. What Are The Laws in Wisconsin for Transporting Firearms? - Residents of Wisconsin and people visiting or traveling through the state who own guns and carry them on their persons or in their vehicles will need to understand the legal requirements that apply to them. In this blog, we looked at who can carry a firearm and when a concealed carry license may be required.

  2. Open Carry Laws in Wisconsin: What You Should Know - Wisconsin law generally allows people to carry firearms in public. However, there are some limitations that may apply, and we discuss these issues in this blog.

  3. What Is An Alford Plea in Relation to Criminal Proceedings? - People charged with crimes may be able to negotiate plea bargains with prosecutors. This blog discusses one type of plea that may allow a person to maintain their claims of innocence.

  4. What are the Penalties for Using a Fake ID in Wisconsin? - Minors may attempt to use falsified driver’s licenses to purchase alcohol, but doing so can lead to criminal charges and penalties. In this blog, we look at the penalties that may apply to minors who use fake IDs and people who knowingly sell or provide alcohol to minors.

  5. What to Do if You Receive a Traffic Ticket in Wisconsin - This blog reviews the steps that should be followed after being pulled over by police and issued a traffic violation, including the potential options for defense.

  6. Can Mental Illness Prevent Me From Owning a Firearm in Wisconsin? - This blog looks at when mental health conditions may affect a person’s gun ownership rights while also addressing whether “red flag” laws may apply in situations where a person is believed to be a danger to themselves or others.

  7. Wisconsin Expands DNA Collection Law - Wisconsin law requires the collection and storage of DNA samples for certain people, including people convicted of felony or misdemeanor offenses. This blog looks at how recent changes to the law may affect DNA collection procedures and whether a person can have their DNA samples removed from the state’s databank.

  8. 4 Ways Being a Sex Offender Impacts Your Life - People who are convicted of sex crimes will face a number of difficulties that extend beyond the penalties they may face in the legal system. We look at how the requirement to register as a sex offender may affect employment opportunities, personal relationships, and more.

  9. Reducing Your OWI Sentence With the Wisconsin Safe Streets Option - In some cases, it may be possible to reduce the penalties that will apply following a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This blog examines when reduced sentences may be available for people who agree to participate in substance abuse treatment programs.

  10. What Are the Penalties for Retail Theft in Wisconsin? - Shoplifting may seem to be a minor offense, but it can have serious consequences. In this blog, we look at when a person can be charged with retail theft and how the penalties they may face will be affected by the value of the merchandise that was allegedly stolen.

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