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State Lawmakers Propose Enough Is Enough Package in Quest for Police and Justice Reform

 Posted on July 20, 2021 in Criminal Defense

Jefferson County Criminal Defense AttorneyLast month, several Wisconsin state lawmakers introduced a handful of bills that target police and justice reform. One of the lawmakers who introduced the bills referred to as the “Enough Is Enough” package, says the proposed legislation is meant to build on and not negate the proposals that came out of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ Task Force on Racial Disparities.

Enough Is Enough

The Speaker’s task force and the Enough Is Enough package are in response to the demands for police reform from many Wisconsin residents who have spent the last year protesting. The proposed changes focus on what type of training police officers should and should not have, as well as who should be making decisions when it comes to disciplinary procedures for police misconduct and officer-involved deaths.

Highlights of some of the proposed training changes for officers include:

  • Required inclusion of at least one hour of first aid training every year in police recertification training

  • Required completion of eight hours of training on use-of-force and de-escalation options by police officers

  • Banning of warrior-style training for police officers

The package also includes a bill that would require police departments to provide their officers with an information card that contains the officer’s name, badge numbers, and supervisor’s telephone numbers. There are also proposed changes to how disciplinary decisions are overruled or reversed, as well as how officer-involved deaths will be addressed. The package also includes a proposal that would create a grant program for municipalities to implement violence protection programs.

If You Are Stopped by a Police Officer

If you are stopped by a police officer, it is important to know what your rights are. It is also important to know what to do in order to avoid any escalation of the situation.

If a driver is stopped by an officer, they should turn off their vehicle, open the window part way, and place their hands on the wheel. If it is at night, they should also turn on the vehicle’s internal light. Passengers should put their hands on the dashboard. The driver should produce their license, registration, and proof of insurance when asked. The driver and any passengers should avoid making any sudden moves and should keep their hands where the officer can see them. Both the driver and any passengers have the right to remain silent.

If the police ask to search the vehicle, a driver should always refuse, even if they have done nothing wrong. Police are not allowed to search without a warrant unless they have the driver’s permission, or they have probable cause. If the officer claims they had probable cause and ends up charging the driver with a crime, their defense attorney may be able to challenge the probable cause claim later on in court.

If either the driver or passengers are arrested, they should let the officer know they are going to remain silent and request an attorney right away. A person who has been arrested should never say anything, sign anything, or make any kind of decision without speaking with an attorney first.

Let a Milwaukee County Defense Attorney Help

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it is imperative to begin building a defense against these charges right away. Do not delay in contacting a skilled Waukesha County criminal lawyer. Call Bucher Law Group, LLC at 262-303-4916 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.



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