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What Are the Different Types of Homicide Charges in Wisconsin?

 Posted on February 14, 2022 in Criminal Defense

WI defense lawyerAlmost any crime that ultimately causes a death falls under the umbrella of homicide. However, Wisconsin has long recognized that there are different degrees or types of unlawful killings. Some forms are considered much more serious than others and result in much harsher sentencing. Which specific homicide offense you are charged with depends on a number of factors, including the specific facts of your case, whether you were committing another crime, and whether the killing was intentional.

If you have been charged with any type of homicide, you could be looking at a very long term of imprisonment. It is critical that you trust your defense to an experienced, knowledgeable, criminal defense attorney.

Homicide Offenses in Wisconsin Explained

Wisconsin state law recognizes numerous different types and degrees of homicide offenses. They include:

  • Felony murder - This applies when someone is killed during the commission of a different dangerous felony, such as an assault, kidnapping, burglary, burglary, or robbery. For example, if you commit arson and someone trapped inside the building you were burning dies, you may be charged with felony murder. Felony murder can be charged if the fatality is caused at any point during the offense, including while fleeing.
  • First-degree intentional homicide - When most people think of murder, they are probably thinking of this offense. These murders are planned in advance, and the killing is intentional. When this offense is charged, there are generally circumstances suggesting that the murder was deliberated. For example, the defendant may have hidden outside the victim’s home and waited for them to return before carrying out the murder.
  • Second-degree homicide - Other states might call this “manslaughter.” This crime is not planned in advance, and there is some extenuating circumstance, such as intense provocation. These killings may be committed in the “heat of the moment” during a heated dispute.
  • Negligent homicide - This refers to a variety of grossly negligent acts that result in a death. Inappropriately mishandling a dangerous weapon or carelessly keeping a dangerous animal are both examples if they kill someone. Vehicular homicide, which is further broken into different types, such as DUI vehicular homicide, often falls into this category as well.
  • Justified homicide - This most commonly applies to a killing carried out in self-defense. It is not murder, and it is not a crime.

If you have been charged with any crime related to unlawful killing, your freedom may depend on a strong legal defense. If convicted, prison time is to be expected.

Call a Wisconsin Homicide Defense Attorney

Bucher Law Group, LLC is experienced at building powerful legal defenses for all types of homicide offenses. Our skilled Milwaukee homicide lawyers will evaluate your case thoroughly before deciding on a defense strategy. Call 262-303-4916 for a free consultation.




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