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Oak Creek woman arrested at Value Inn for domestic violence

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Domestic abuse

As a previous post highlighted, some criminal charges can impact more than just the individual accused of a crime. With regards to domestic violence, defendants as well as the alleged victim could experience a harmed, limited, or severed relationship with a significant other or family member. Thus, even if the penalties associated with the crime do not seem harsh, which they can be, the personal consequences are often serious.

This is what an Oak Creek woman might be experiencing after recently being arrested for domestic violence. According to reports, Wisconsin authorities were called to a Value Inn just before 7:30 p.m. Based on the information provided by the 911 caller, a woman was extremely intoxicated and was in an argument with a man. It is believed that this argument was sparked by the man calling her names.

Witness accounts assert that the woman came to an outside back patio area, which was where the man was located, and began to poke and push him in his chest. She allegedly yelled at the man and, at some point, she picked up a glass patio table, flipped it over and shattered glass all over the place.

Police reports also indicated that the woman walked inside and later fell down a flight of stairs, knocking her unconscious. The woman claimed the man pushed her down the stairs, but the authorities claim there is insufficient evidence to prove this happened. This incident resulted in the woman being arrested for domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

Facing such a criminal charge can throw an individual into a difficult situation. A defendant may believe that they have little option, and must face the consequences of conviction. However, anyone facing a criminal change is afforded the right to defend him or herself. Taking the time to understand one's situation and develop a criminal defense strategy could help avoid serious penalties or even get the charges dismissed altogether. This, in turn, may help preserve the personal relationships that may also be at stake.

Source: Oak Creek Patch, "Woman Shatters Table At Value Inn After Man Called Her Names," Scott Anderson, Sept. 10, 2017

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