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Enrolling in a drug diversion program to avoid harsh penalties

 Posted on April 28, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Some state programs are designed to both deter crimes from occurring and help offenders re-enter society. For those accused of drug crimes, one of these programs is a drug diversion program. This program is designed to provide treatment for those convicted of certain drug crimes. Additionally, entering a drug diversion program could help defendants avoid harsher penalties.

Last year, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill that would increase funding for the drug treatment and diversion program. Specifically, this bill would cause $2 million to shift each year from the state Department of Health Services' mental health hospitals to grants providing county programs that are designed to keep drug users out of prison by placing them in a drug treatment program.

This increase in funding was to target and help heroin users and reduce the spread of the drug throughout the state. The Wisconsin Treatment and Diversion programs, or TAD, are used as alternatives to incarceration for those charged with certain drug crimes. These offenders are enrolled in the program as an opportunity to receive the help and support they need while they are attempting to become and remain contributing members of society.

Those accused of a drug crime should understand the wide range of defense options available to them. This goes beyond challenging allegations in order to reduce or dismiss the charges against them. Defendants could avoid harsh penalties by enrolling in a drug diversion program, which could help the accused avoid long-term consequences. Seeking the assistance of a reliable attorney can help those in such situations determine the best plan of legal action.

Source: Fox6now.com, " Wisconsin Assembly OKs more money for drug treatment, diversion programs," Feb. 16, 2016

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