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Charged with drug possession in Wisconsin? Save your future!

 Posted on March 30, 2017 in Criminal Defense

As a general rule, non-violent charges carry lesser sentences than violent charges. However, when it comes to drug possession, these rules do not always apply. If you are facing drug possession charges, it is vital to seek out a strong defense to ensure that your future is not derailed simply because the law allows harsh punishment for drug offenders.

Every minute that you wait to begin building your defense is time that the state has to make a case against you, and the state is rarely lenient.

Whether you are innocent of the charges or just made a foolish mistake and need an opportunity to change directions, drug charges can derail your life in many ways.

Drug charges can carry exceptionally harsh sentences

Unlike other non-violent charges, the punishments for drug possession and other drug crimes regularly include time behind bars. One does not need to search very long to find lots of information about how overstuffed our country's prisons are with those serving years of their lives for non-violent drug offenses.

Even after you serve your time, the conviction can follow you for a long time and have substantial consequences. Many employers refuse to consider job applicants whose records contain a drug conviction. If you do not fight the charges, you will almost certainly have a much more difficult time finding employment for many years.

Furthermore, drug charges can keep a person from renting many apartments or other rental property. The property managers of many apartment complexes and management companies follow policies that restrict renting to those with drug convictions.

Later on in life, should you choose to adopt a child as a part of growing your family, you may have trouble finding approval for the adoption. Adoption agencies regularly decline adoption applications from individuals with drug convictions.

Clearly, when you faces drug charges, you are in the fight of your life.

Build a strong team to protect your future

With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can understand nuances of the law that may work in your favor. An attorney can help you explore all the options you may use to build the strongest defense for your circumstances.

The guidance of an experienced attorney is invaluable to those who must suddenly defend their rights and their future from unfairly harsh drug charges. With proper legal counsel, you can rest assured that your rights remain protected while you seek justice.

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