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Is it Always a Good Idea to Take a Plea Deal?

 Posted on November 16, 2022 in Criminal Defense

WI defense lawyerPeople who are accused of crimes very often feel threatened by police, investigators, and prosecutors who are eager to secure a conviction and who may not necessarily care whether the person they are accusing is, in fact, responsible for the crime. Investigators may try to pressure someone into answering questions without their attorney present, and prosecutors may give the impression that they have enough evidence to secure a conviction, whether they really do or not.

That being said, when the evidence suggesting the accused is guilty is overwhelming, especially if the accused has a long criminal history, taking a plea bargain can be a good way to minimize fines, time in jail, and the charges that will go on his record. The only way to know for sure whether taking a plea deal is a good idea is by first meeting with an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Plea Bargain?

Most people who take a plea bargain do it because they get a less severe sentence and a lighter charge. For example, if you have been accused of transporting drugs across state lines with the intent to distribute, which is a potential felony, you may be able to get the charges reduced to misdemeanor possession. You may also be able to save money on the cost of hiring legal representation throughout the course of a criminal trial.

A plea bargain may also allow you to move from jail to prison, which can mean better conditions, especially if you are not able to post bail. You will know how long you will be in prison, rather than waiting in jail indefinitely for sentencing, and sometimes people even get out early on good behavior.

What Are the Drawbacks of Taking a Plea Bargain?

The potential downsides of taking a plea bargain are many, especially if you are innocent of some or all of the charges against you. First, a plea bargain may not really be in your best interest, even if it seems like it is; you do not know all the evidence the prosecution has against you, and they could be making threatening statements in the hope that you will accept a punishment for a crime for which they likely could not successfully get a conviction. If you take a plea bargain, you may also forfeit the right to appeal your case.

It is important to remember that, no matter how polite and concerned about your well-being they may seem, prosecutors, investigators, and police are not your friends. They do not have to work in your best interests or even tell you the truth.

Innocent people who plead guilty make up between 2 and 8 percent of the county’s convicted felon population. If you are afraid you might become a statistic, contact a criminal defense lawyer right now. If your loved one is already in prison, you can contact us on their behalf and we can be in touch with them in prison.

Contact a Racine County, WI Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are being investigated for or charged with a crime, before you speak with the police, investigators, or prosecutors, make sure you speak with a Dodge County, WI criminal defense attorney with Bucher Law Group, LLC. Making a plea deal may sound tempting when you know what penalties the charges against you could mean for your future, but you need a criminal defense attorney to make sure you are actually making a good decision. Call us today at 262-303-4916 to schedule a free consultation.





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