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Woman faces charges for drug offenses after high-speed chase

 Posted on February 15, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Given the danger of drivers who are under the influence, Wisconsin law enforcement will take steps to try to reduce the number of drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs by making traffic stops and, if necessary, making an arrest on a DUI charge. Drivers who are arrested on these charges need to understand the necessity of a strong criminal defense. Law enforcement officials know the signs of an impaired driver, but there are times when the circumstances of an arrest are unusual.

According to a recent report, a woman was placed under arrest on several charges after a police chase at speeds of 125 miles per hour. The chase went on for 24 miles. The incident began when a state trooper was conducting an investigation after stopping a different vehicle. The 52-year-old woman from Pennsylvania came close to hitting the trooper's vehicle when she stopped her car. She called the trooper over to her car and said that she was driving under the influence of drugs. He took her car keys without incident and went to call emergency personnel. The woman then took out a second set of keys, started the vehicle and fled.

As she drove away, she almost hit several other vehicles and took off on the interstate. Law enforcement officials placed spikes on the road to try and stop her, but it did not work. Another attempt was made by another county's law enforcement officials. That did not work either. After hitting 125 miles per hour, she was finally stopped. Instead of allowing herself to be taken into custody, she allegedly tried to escape on foot. She was caught soon after. She was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. Charges are pending.

The allegations that this woman faces are significant. While a DUI charge is bad enough, the litany of potential charges she might be confronted with and the consequences if there is a conviction can lead to jail time, fines and more. Considering everything that goes along with fleeing law enforcement, speeding and drug offenses, she must make sure to prepare a strong defense strategy.

Source: patch.com, " Woman Arrested After 125 MPH Police Chase; Pursuit Lasts for 24 Miles," Scott Anderson, Feb. 10, 2017

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