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Milwaukee warrant sweep leads to several arrests

 Posted on August 15, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Milwaukee warrant sweep leads to several arrests

Milwaukee police, joined by federal law enforcement officers, conducted a series of raids in a part of Milwaukee that is known for drug offenses and violent crime. Caught up in the ensuing arrests and searches were some people who were connected to a shooting that left two minors hurt.

Police claim to have arrested 16 residents and have taken $4,000 cash as well as several firearms. Police also located some illegal drugs, cocaine and marijuana, during the raids. The police said most of the charges were related to weapons violations and drug crimes.

In a statement to the press, the chief of the Milwaukee Police Department described the raids as important because the area in which the police operated had a disproportionate impact on the entire metropolitan area's overall violent crime rate.

Although in some sense Delafield may seem like a long way from inner city Milwaukee, police in this area also take drug charges seriously, and drug use and possession does happen out in the suburbs of the city as well.

It is therefore important to remember for anyone that, when police execute search and arrest warrants, they are only at the beginning of the criminal process. Being brought in to court via an arrest does not mean a person is guilty, and they may have had no chance to defend against their pending drug charges or weapons charges, or, for the matter, even tell their side of the story.

Those accused will likely want to consider consulting with an experience criminal defense attorney in the area who can help them meet the state's case head on and get the best possible result for them.

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "Police arrest dozens, seize thousands in Wednesday north side operation," July 26, 2017

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