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Helping you assert a strong defense against a drug charge

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Being accused of a drug crime is not something to take lightly. Such an accusation could tarnish an individual's reputation, making it difficult to maintain personal and professional relations in his or her community. Therefore, it is crucial that defendants take steps to protect their rights by developing a strong criminal defense.

At Bucher Law Group, LLC, our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping criminal defendants in the Delafield area invoke their rights and initiate a defense against criminal allegations. Facing drug charges often means harsh penalties such as prison time and hefty fines; therefore, our law firm is prepared to aggressively defend our clients.

Whether you were charged with possession, intent to distribute or drug trafficking, our skilled staff ensures our clients fully understand the charges against them, the applicable laws, the potential consequences and the possible defense routes available. In order to meet the goals of the client and develop a successful defense strategy, it is important that our clients are well informed and on top of their case.

When it comes to drug crimes, police officers typically collect evidence during a traffic stop or after a search warrant was issued at a home. No matter what initiated a search, there are protocols when it comes to conducting a legal search and seizure. If a step was missed or a mistake was made, this information could be used to suppress evidence. This ultimately could be used to reduce or even dismiss the changes against the defendant.

To learn more, check out our drug charges website. Facing a drug charge can be a difficult time for the accused; however, it is important to note that there are options available. By taking an aggressive approach against the changes, a defendant could assert a strong defense, helping them to reduce or avoid penalties.

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