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Oak Creek driver faces drug charges following a traffic stop

 Posted on June 21, 2017 in Criminal Defense

When motorists in Wisconsin are stopped by police officers, they expect to receive a warning or a traffic ticket. While this is the best-case scenario during a traffic stop, motorists could face far more serious charges and consequences if police officers suspect that a driver or their passengers have committed a crime. If a controlled substance is discovered in a vehicle either subject to a search or because it was in open sight, this could result in drug charges.

This is what recently occurred during a traffic stop in Oak Creek. Based on preliminary reports, the Oak Creek police pulled over a motorist for operating a vehicle with a suspended license. During this stop, officer allegedly found the driver to be in possession of marijuana, claiming that it was obviously detected.

Police officers pulled the driver over on the 1200 block of W. College Avenue just before 2 a.m. When the police officer walked up to the driver's side window to initiate the traffic stop, it was reported that the officer could detect a strong odor of marijuana coming form inside the vehicle. Upon further investigation, the officer reportedly found an orange "dime bag" padded container that was also holding a glass pipe, silver metal grinder and rolling papers. These were all located in a black purse on the rear passenger seat.

Upon further investigation, authorities discovered a Nike bag on the front passenger floorboard that contained a "dime bag" container containing 4.8 grams of marijuana. In the trunk of the vehicle, authorities discovered a foot-long shrink-wrap roll that had been taped to a glass tip in order to use it as a smoking device.

While the driver faces drug charges following this traffic stop, it is not clear what charges he faces and how many charges. No matter the amount or severity of these crimes, it is possible to take steps to overcome this situation. Anyone accused of a drug crime has the right to assert a defense. This could challenge a search that uncovered evidence used against a defendant. This could ultimately result in reduced or dismissed charges.

Source: Patch.com, " Traffic Stop In Oak Creek Turns Into Drug Charges," Scott Anderson, June 19, 2017

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