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Watch for signs of a heroin addiction in loved ones

 Posted on August 31, 2017 in Criminal Defense

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The fact that there is a heroin problem in Wisconsin isn't a secret. One thing that almost anyone can do is to learn the signs and symptoms of this addiction.

Understanding these might help people realize when their friends or family members need help. While you can't force an addict to get sober, you might be able to encourage him or her to do so. Here is what you need to look for:

Physical symptoms

The physical symptoms of a heroin addiction will usually impact every area of the person's life. The drug usually causes some memory loss, so this might be something you can watch for. People will usually get antsy and cranky when they are ready for another hit of the drug. They might be irritable when it is time for more heroin.

Often, the person will get itchy or vomit as a result of the drug usage. Lowered immunity, sores on the skin, dry mouth, flush skin, and constipation are other issues they might face. Many of these signs are only noticed when you are very close to the person. However, the skin sores are usually readily visible.

Social symptoms

A heroin addiction often takes away the ability for addicts to think about the future. This is difficult because they might not think about what they are doing. Some heroin addicts steal to make the money they need to support the addiction, which can lead to the alienation of family members and friends. It can also mean that the person has criminal charges due to thefts.

The addict will likely start hanging around with new people. They might stay gone for prolonged periods while they are trying to score the drug. You might even find them in some undesirable areas where they know someone will have the drug for sale.

Environmental signs

Often, the person will look unkempt. He or she might live in a less-than-clean room or home. Used syringes, large rubber tubes and dirty spoons might be found in their space. Remnants of heroin might also be present.

The sad thing about people who have a heroin addiction is that they might not think that anything can help them. In some cases, this addiction can lead to criminal charges, which could help them to get the assistance and push they need to get sober.

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