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What Is the Definition of a Sex Offender in Wisconsin?

 Posted on April 05, 2024 in Criminal Defense

WI defense lawyerWhen someone is convicted of a crime, they generally have to pay fines and legal fees, serve a jail sentence, or complete community service, and then once they have done so, they can work on putting it all behind them and moving forward. However, when someone is convicted of a sex crime, they are often required to register as a sex offender, and this title can follow them wherever they go and whatever they do even years later and even after they have served their time and received their punishment.

If you were accused of committing a sexual offense, it is important to know whether you are at risk of being included in the sex offender registry. This article will provide some useful explanations, but if you are dealing with this situation right now, speak with a skilled Dodge County, WI criminal defense attorney to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your rights.

What Does Placement on the Sex Offender Registry Mean?

Some sexual assault offenses will automatically get you placed on the sex offender registry, and others will do the same if the court determines that there was a sexual motivation behind it.

If you are convicted as a sex offender, you will need to abide by various restrictions and regulations, including needing to report to the Department of Corrections regularly, needing to remain in your home county, and, in some cases, needing to submit to GPS monitoring.

The list of restrictions includes:

  • Not being allowed within 1,500 feet of places like schools, public parks, churches, youth centers
  • Not being allowed to live within 1,500 feet of a home where a child lives (if you were convicted of a child sex offense)
  • Not being allowed to work certain jobs
  • Not being allowed to do certain things other citizens are allowed to do, like legally changing your name.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Wisconsin Criminal Law Attorney

It is no simple matter when you are convicted of a sex crime, and your name appears on the sex offenders’ registry. This can impact not only your life right now but also your future since potential landlords and employers can refuse to give you a chance. A knowledgeable Racine County, WI sex crimes defense lawyer can build you a case and advocate to protect your rights. Call Bucher Law Group, LLC at 262-303-4916 to schedule a free consultation.

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