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Can I Face Criminal Charges for Injuring Someone in a Car Accident?

 Posted on September 24, 2021 in Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer MilwaukeeBeing involved in a car accident can cause a number of difficulties in a person’s life. In addition to dealing with injuries and vehicle repairs, a person who may have been at fault for a collision may worry that they could face other consequences. This is especially true if an accident resulted in injuries to someone else, and in these cases, a person may be concerned about potential criminal charges that may apply. An experienced attorney can help people in these situations understand the specific charges they may face and their options for defense.

Cases Where Car Accidents May Lead to Criminal Charges

A person who is at fault for a car accident may be held liable for the damages suffered by other people, although they usually will not be charged with a crime unless they acted egregiously and put others at risk of harm. A person may face criminal charges for causing injuries to others in cases involving:

  • DUI/OWI - The charge of Operating While Intoxicated may apply if a person is accused of driving a motor vehicle while they were under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substances that made them incapable of driving safely. In addition to OWI charges, a person may be charged with Injury by Intoxicated Use of a Vehicle if they caused great bodily harm to someone else due to driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This offense is a Class F felony. If a person caused someone else’s death due to driving under the influence, they may be charged with Homicide by Intoxicated Use of a Vehicle. This offense is a Class D felony, or a Class C felony for a person who had previously been convicted of OWI.

  • Hit and run - If a person failed to stop after being involved in an accident, provide any necessary assistance, or exchange information with others who were involved, they may face criminal charges. If an accident resulted in minor injuries, a person may face fines of up to $10,000 and a prison sentence of up to nine months. If an accident resulted in great bodily harm, a person may be charged with a Class E felony, and if someone was killed, a person may be charged with a Class D felony.

  • Reckless injury or negligent homicide - A person who operated a vehicle recklessly may face criminal charges if they injure someone in an accident. In cases where a person suffered great bodily harm because a driver exhibited a disregard for human life, the driver may be charged with a Class D felony. In other cases where a driver acted recklessly and caused great bodily harm in an accident, they may be charged with a Class F felony. If negligent driving resulted in someone’s death, a driver may be charged with a Class G felony.

Contact Our Jefferson County Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing criminal charges related to a car accident, or if you need help defending against OWI or other traffic violations, Bucher Law Group, LLC can provide you with strong representation. We will work to build an effective defense strategy and protect your rights throughout your case. Contact our Racine County criminal defense attorneys at 262-303-4916 to set up your free consultation.





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