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Deadly Force Case

Recently, this firm was retained to represent an individual who, unfortunately, had to use deadly force and shot an intruder two times at his residence. The intruder suffered fatal wounds. The intruder had broken into a homeowner's garage (likely mistakenly believing that it allowed entry directly into the residence). The homeowner confronted the intruder and verbally indicated that he had a firearm, and the intruder verbally responded that he also had a firearm. This occurred in the early morning hours after bar closing time. It was later determined that the intruder was under the influence.

Upon the intruder's exit from the garage, the homeowner pointed a firearm at the intruder and instructed him to stop. The intruder then lunged at the homeowner. The intruder had a black object in his hand, which he previously indicated was a firearm. The homeowner fired twice, striking the intruder in the chest. As the intruder fell to the ground, the homeowner fired again, as the intruder still had an object in his hand. Later, it was determined that the object in the intruder's hand was his cellphone. Tragically, the intruder died at the scene. The homeowner was questioned and his firearm was seized. He then retained this firm to assist him in ensuring no criminal charges would be filed against him. The case was referred to the district attorney for review.

After months of investigatory analysis and discussions with the district attorney — including a variety of DNA tests — our client was cleared and no charges were filed. As of the date of this article, no civil suit has been filed against our client. His firearm has been returned, and his fingerprints and photographs have been returned. Our client has suffered no adverse legal consequences as a result of his legal use of deadly force.

Bucher Law Group, LLC , has vast experience in this area of the law, and we are prepared to assist you in any similar episode that may occur in your life. We are ready to come to your defense immediately to ensure that your rights as a lawful homeowner are protected and you are not charged as a result of the legitimate use of deadly force.

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