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What work injuries are covered by the law?

Worker's compensation law in Wisconsin covers injuries, both mental and physical, that occur as a result of either an accident or an occupational disease. An occupational disease is an injury that results from exposure over time at your employment. Examples of that would be to your lungs because of exposure to fumes, or constant lifting which results in a back injury. Worker's compensation law, also, covers injuries that occur away from your place of employment if you are required to travel for work while you are performing your regular work duties.

Worker's compensation does not look at fault. In other words, whether the injury is a result of the employee's negligence, or a fellow employee's negligence, or the company's negligence, it does not matter. The injury is covered no matter who is at fault.

You must have a treating physician who will indicate that your injury is a result of your employment. It would also be up to the treating physician to indicate any restrictions you may have in work, when you should be off work, and if you have any permanent disability as a result of the injury. If the insurer refuses to make payments, they must explain to you why, and at that point, you are able to apply for a hearing before the Department of Workforce Development.

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