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Worker's Compensation FAQs

What happens when you are hurt at work and the employer and their insurer say they aren't liable and want you to put the medical bills through your health insurance?

The answer is to tell your doctor that you believe this is a work-related injury (explain why you believe this) and they should send the bills to the worker's compensation carrier. If they deny it, they should send it to your insurer.

Do I have to go to the doctor the company sends me to?

No, you have the right to select your own doctor, as well as a second doctor.

When do I have to return to work after an injury?

When your doctor releases you with no restrictions, simply tell your employer and see if they have a position available for you. If you have restrictions, make sure your employer is aware of this and that both they and you adhere to them.

What can an attorney do for me?

We will help you get all benefits you are entitled to, as well those entitled to in the future. Remember, it is the insurance company's goal to pay you as little benefits as they can.

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