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6 Emotional Effects of a DUI Conviction

 Posted on February 12, 2018 in DUI/OWI

shutterstock_535082767.jpgMost people are aware of the harsh penalties of a DUI. However, many do not consider the emotional effects a DUI can bring. If you have been pulled over for a DUI, you will likely go through a cycle of various emotions that can take a toll on your well-being. Here is list of the six of the emotions you may be left with after a DUI arrest:

  1. Denial and Shock. Following a DUI arrest, you may be in complete shock and deny the fact that the situation actually occurred. Often times, denial and shock lasts for hours, days, and weeks. These feelings are even more likely to occur if you have never been arrested before.
  2. Guilt and Pain. Eventually, feelings of denial and shock fade and replace with emotional pain and guilt. Even though your guilt and emotional pain may be significant, know that you will survive the situation and eventually move on with your life.
  3. Anger. You may also be angry at the police officer who arrested you or the situation itself. This is especially true if you read the police report and find that it does not match what you believe actually took place. You may also be angry at a friend or family member that allowed you to drive drunk or did not offer you a ride or a place to spend the night. Try to avoid feeling angry and blaming others for your arrest as doing so can permanently damage your relationships.
  4. Depression. The penalties that come with a DUI may lead to loneliness and depression. Even after you have paid the price of a DUI, you may go through a period of sadness where you isolate yourself from others and focus on your past. Although it is easier said than done, you should think about the future instead of dwelling on a mistake you made days, weeks, or months ago.
  5. Reconstruction. The reconstruction phase is where your depression and emotional pain subsides and you start to reconstruct your life. During this stage, you begin to work through your emotional and financial issues and figure out how you can improve your future.
  6. Acceptance. The last emotion you may experience is acceptance. While you may not instantly feel happy during this stage, you will accept the reality of your DUI arrest and begin to move on with your life. You may never be the same but you will be a smarter and more conscious driver.

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