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6 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Help Teen Drivers Avoid Car Accidents

 Posted on August 15, 2018 in Personal Injury

Waukesha County teen driver car accident attorneyTeens are more likely to cause car accidents than older, more experienced drivers. While gaining more experience and learning how to drive defensively is important for them, it is just as essential for teens to properly maintain their vehicles. 

A well-maintained vehicle can keep teens away from dangerous situations and reduce the risk of accidents. Here is a brief list of car maintenance tips teen drivers are highly encouraged to follow:

1. Keep Up With Car Maintenance Intervals

Each vehicle has its own unique maintenance schedule. To find this schedule, teens should look at their car’s owner’s manual. Whenever it is time for their vehicle to get an oil change, tire rotation, or any other type of maintenance, they should visit their car dealership or an experienced mechanic. 

2. Care for Tires

The importance of tire maintenance should not be overlooked by teen drivers who would like to drive safely and efficiently. Teens should make it a priority to keep their tires properly inflated and check them regularly for signs of wear. Their owner’s manual or tire sticker on their door jamb will contain information on the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. 

3. Pay Attention to Dashboard Warnings

Unfortunately, teens are known to ignore the warning lights that appear on their car’s dashboard. These warnings are designed to inform drivers that something is wrong and needs to be fixed soon. By failing to take action when they see a check engine light, brake light, oil light, or another warning, teens can put themselves at risk for a car accident or breakdown.

4. Protect the Windshield

Although a vehicle’s windshield may not seem as important as its tires or oil, it plays an important role in protecting the safety of a driver and their passengers. By keeping the windshield clean and clear, teens can drive safely in weather such as rain, snow, and sleet. If teens notice that windshield wiper blades have cracks or tend to leave streaks or spots, they should replace them. 

5. Refrain From Running Low on Fuel

The majority of the vehicles on the market feature fuel-injection engines, which depend on in-tank electric gas pumps to lubricate and cool their various elements. By keeping their fuel levels above a quarter tank, teens can keep their vehicle running optimally and avoid being stranded when they are out of gas.

6. Drive Slow

Believe it or not, driving slowly is one of the most effective ways for teens to keep their vehicle in optimal shape. While speeding may be exciting, it can cause serious accidents and place too much demand on a vehicle’s engine and transmission. Driving slower can also help teens save on gas.

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