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6 Ways to Avoid a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday

 Posted on February 03, 2018 in DUI/OWI

shutterstock_414761317.jpgWhether you love football or simply enjoy the commercials, you will likely be watching the Super Bowl this month. While going out to sports bars and parties to watch the game is fun, it can be dangerous and lead to a DUI if certain safety precautions are disregarded. Here are six tips that can ensure you stay safe and avoid drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday, one of the biggest drinking days of the year:

  1. Have a Plan. Instead of just deciding to drive somewhere to watch the Super Bowl last minute, you should have a plan well in advance. Your plan should determine where you will be watching, who you will be watching with, whether or not you will be drinking, and how you will get home safely.
  2. Designate a Designated Driver. It is a good idea to find a designated driver before going out to watch the Super Bowl. This individual should not drink during the festivities and take on the responsibility of driving you and anyone else who drinks home once the game is finished. 
  3. Provide Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Plenty of Food at Your Party. If you are planning on throwing a party for the Super Bowl, be sure to provide non-alcoholic beverages. You should also make sure that there is plenty of food so that guests who do choose to drink are not drinking on an empty stomach.
  4. Offer Your Home as a Place to Spend the Night. Since the Super Bowl is in February, the weather may not cooperate. If you are the party host and notice that the weather is poor and/or your guests are intoxicated, you should allow them to spend the night at your home.
  5. Utilize Ride Sharing Services. If you are hosting a party or attending one, ride sharing services like Uber can be useful. They can ensure that you or your guests make it home safely and eliminate the need to spend the night somewhere else. Ride sharing services may be a better solution than spending the night because many people have work the next day.
  6. Wear Your Seatbelt. You should always wear your seatbelt when in a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, there may drunk or reckless drivers on the road and you can protect yourself and potentially save your own life by simply wearing a seatbelt.

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Even if you do your part in staying safe and avoiding a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday, others may not. If you find yourself in an accident with a drunk driver or get pulled over for a DUI this February 4th, you should reach out to our highly skilled Milwaukee County DUI lawyers at 262-203-4916. 



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