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Alternatives to Driving Drunk

 Posted on April 26, 2018 in DUI/OWI

WI defense lawyerDrunk driving accidents occur because people do not find alternatives to drunk driving. They would rather get behind the wheel and take a risk then find another way to get home. The next time you are out drinking, be sure to consider the alternatives to drunk driving. By doing so, you can prevent a DUI and save your live as well as the lives of others. Here are four alternatives to drunk driving you should consider:

1. Public Transportation

If you need a ride after drinking, public transportation is a cost-effective option. You can take a bus, subway, or rail system and will not have to worry about whether or not you will make it home safe and sound. Be sure to check public transportation schedules in advance and make sure your public transportation method of choice will be running when you plan to go home.

2. Ridesharing Services

There is a reason ridesharing services have increased in popularity in recent years. They are convenient, dependable, and affordable. If you are planning on drinking, make sure you download the app of Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing service. This way, you can easily request a ride when you are ready to go home.

3. Taxi Services

Although taxi services can be expensive, they are convenient and can get you home safely. If you plan to use a taxi service, perform some research before you go out drinking and write down the phone numbers of a few taxi services on a piece of paper. Keep this piece of paper in your purse or pocket so that you can easily access it when it is time for you to call a taxi.

4. Designated Driver

Ask a trustworthy friend or family member that you will be hanging out with to be your designated driver. This way, you will have someone by your side that will be sober and able to get you home safe. Make sure you become a designated driver sometimes as well so that the same person is not always left with the responsibility.

By taking advantage of these alternatives to drunk driving, you can avoid a DUI and the serious consequences that come with one.

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