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Avoiding Incriminating Yourself in a Wisconsin DUI Stop

 Posted on May 17, 2023 in DUI/OWI

WI defense lawyerDriving under the influence (DUI) is a very serious criminal offense in Wisconsin. Drivers that get pulled over under suspicion of DUI bring considerable legal exposure to themselves, which could lead to fines and imprisonment. Therefore, if you happen to be pulled over for suspicion of DUI, there are various effective ways to avoid incriminating yourself. Today, we will review steps you can take to avoid incriminating yourself if you are ever pulled over for DUI suspicion. Call a criminal defense attorney today to begin building your defense if you have been arrested for DUI.

How to Not Incriminate Yourself When Pulled Over for Suspicion of DUI

When pulled over in this scenario, try your best to remain composed and courteous while the officer has you pulled over. Even if you do not consider yourself under the influence, portraying calmness to the police is vital in reducing the possibility of being perceived as intoxicated or unstable. Also, remember to ask why you were pulled over in the first place, which is well within your rights to ask. In most cases, the officer will explain the reason to you. While asking this question, remain as clear and polite as possible, as the officer will likely be watching your every move during this time.

Next, consider declining any field sobriety test you are asked to take part in, particularly if you have some form of disability that may make it appear that you are drunk or intoxicated when in fact, you are not. In Wisconsin, declining field sobriety tests do not result in your license being automatically revoked. However, keep in mind that declining field sobriety tests will likely encourage the officer to perform a chemical test. And if you refuse a chemical test, your license may face automatic revocation.

During your interaction with the police officer, always produce the proper and specific details in your interaction as prompted but avoid volunteering unrelated pieces of information that may cause harm or negatively impact your defense. And, of course, if you are arrested for DUI, remember the most effective way to protect yourself from a conviction is to request the services of a DUI defense attorney. These attorneys understand the specific legal parameters and may be able to successfully defend you against the allegation you committed the offense of DUI.

Call a Waukesha County DUI Attorney

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