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Can I Join the Military with a DUI?

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Untitled-design-27.jpgWhether you would like to serve our country, are seeking job security, or are interested in education related benefits, joining the military is an excellent career choice. However, if you have a DUI conviction, you may find it difficult to enlist. Fortunately, a waiver may help you do as it proves that the military knows about your DUI and is willing to look past it. Waiver approvals are not granted automatically and are based on each individual case.

What Happens When You Enlist in the Military Following a DUI

If you begin the process of enlisting in the military but have a DUI on your record, you will need to address all of your charges. Addressing your charges may involve paying fines and court fees, attending and completing any court-ordered alcohol management classes or community service requirements, and waiting until your probation period has been completed. 

Due to the fact that each military branch has its own requirements, you should consider consulting a military recruiter to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements. Be honest with the recruiter and inform them of your DUI conviction so that they can help you figure out whether you would be able to join the military. 

The date of your DUI conviction, whether you have one or multiple DUIs, whether drugs were involved, the branch of military that you’d like to join, and how many waivers are available will all play a role in your eligibility to join. It is important to note that enlistment standards are tougher today than they were in the past, especially for the Air Force which views DUIs more seriously than the Marines.

Once you meet with a military recruiter, you will need to schedule a visit to the Military Entrance Processing Station for an evaluation. During this evaluation, a background check will be conducted. In addition, you will be evaluated for your morals, making it important for you to show how you have improved as a person since your DUI conviction.

Contact Our Waukesha County DUI Attorneys Today

Joining the military is a popular lifestyle decision these days, meaning there are more people enlisting than open positions. Therefore, if you would like to join the military but have a DUI on your record and would like to increase your chances of getting accepted, you should call our highly skilled Delafield DUI lawyers at 262-303-4916. They will look at your situation and ensure your rights are protected during the enlistment process. 



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