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Hartland family law attorneyDomestic violence victims are often in the greatest amount of danger, right after they leave or decide to leave their abuser. Generally, this is because the abuser is trying to reassert his or her control. However, there are some abuser actions that are clearly meant to punish or exact revenge. In either case, victims should know how to keep themselves and their children safe. Learn more, including how an experienced family law attorney can help with the process.

What is a Safety Plan?

A safety plan is a personalized plan for maintaining the safety of you and your children as you transition out of the relationship. Good plans are comprehensive, covering everything from while you are preparing to leave to once you are gone and going through the divorce or separation process. Most safety plans also require you to consider what you will need – money, birth certificates, identification, etc. – to start an independent life.


Wisconsin family law attorneyEvery Wisconsin parenting plan should be individualized. After all, every family is unique. However, there are some situations that may warrant a highly specialized plan – one that attempts to meet the needs, wants, and desires of all parties while still mitigating against potential challenges and concerns. Learn more about some of the more unique strategies that parents are using in their divorces these days, and discover how an experienced family law attorney can help you with effectively using one of them in your Wisconsin parenting plan.

Long-Distance Parenting Plans

In an ideal world, all parents would live near their children. Unfortunately, the world is anything but ideal. Parents move away to pursue a better job, start a new career path, seek more family support, and pursue new relationships. When they do, the child can feel that parent’s absence. A long-distance parenting plan, complete with arrangements for in-person visits and video chats, can help mitigate against those feelings, and it can keep both parents active in the child’s life. Keep in mind, however, that such plans are complex and should be done with the assistance of an attorney – especially if the long-distance parent is in the armed forces.

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