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Five Fall Motorcycle Safety Tips for Every Rider

 Posted on September 12, 2018 in Personal Injury

Waukesha motorcycle accident lawyerAs fall makes its debut, motorcycle riders excitedly anticipate the cooler weather along with the beauty of the season. For many enthusiasts, nothing compares to a long, relaxing ride through the countryside with the crisp, autumn air blowing past.  Although the conditions seem prime, the season poses potential risks for motorcyclists. These safety guidelines offer a friendly reminder for motorcyclists to help keep them and other motorists safe. These best practices are proven to can significantly reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents and injuries.

1. Be Mindful of Leaves

Falling leaves, as well as leaves on the ground, are beautiful. However, they can be dangerous or even deadly, especially when they are wet. Leaves easily cover up potholes and other potential driving hazards. Wet leaves potentially lead to traction issues, which can make it difficult for motorcyclists to maintain complete control of their bikes.

2. Dress in Layers

The practice of wearing multiple layers of clothing articles is vital for fall motorcycle riders. In the heat of summer, lighter clothing allows for a pleasant, cool breeze, yet as the temperatures drop into winter weather, the cold becomes unwelcomed. Motorcyclists should begin with a base layer of thermals, then mid-layers of daily clothing, and top it off with a warm jacket. By layering multiple thin layers rather than one thick one, riders and passengers alike can easily adjust their clothing to their comfort zone while they are out on their bikes.

3. Pack Rain Gear

The transition months of fall generally accompany unpredictable weather. Weather frequently fluctuates between sunny and 70 degrees to rainy and 40 degrees. If there is a chance for rain, plan to wear waterproof gear, as even a slight mist can seep through protective motorcycle gear, leaving an uncomfortable chill. Remember to bring those waterproof gloves, as wet, frozen fingers do not react quickly.

4. Beware of Road Frost

Even if it gets warm during the day, fall mornings almost always come with some frost. Even a thin layer of frost can lead to traction loss. Motorcyclists should travel toward the middle of the roads, as they accumulate less moisture, lessening the chance for frost.

5. Check the Weather Frequently

Download a weather app and check the forecast regularly. Being aware of potential inclement weather will help riders dress appropriately. If the weather is too severe, the ride can wait until a prettier day for everyone's safety.

Were you Injured in a Fall Motorcycle Accident? Contact a Waukesha County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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