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Four Ways to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle in Wisconsin

 Posted on June 02, 2022 in Personal Injury

Waukesha County Motorcycle Crash LawyerAll users of the road run the risk of being in an accident and incurring an injury during any trip. With less protection than drivers of cars and trucks, motorcycle riders run a higher risk of serious injury and even death if they are involved in an accident. Given this risk, there are preventative actions that riders can take to avoid being in a motorcycle accident and to stay safe on the road.

Take a motorcycle safety course – Before you even head out on the road, it helps to know the ins and outs of riding a motorcycle safely. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers motorcycle safety courses through the Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program (WMSP) to earn a Class M motorcycle license. Participants in a course learn how to improve their riding skills and share the road with other vehicles.

Wear proper motorcycle gear – Wisconsin strongly recommends all motorcycle riders and passengers wear a helmet when riding. All riders and passengers under 18 are required to wear a helmet. Additionally, full protective gear including leather or heavy-duty clothing, boots, gloves, and eye protection is strongly encouraged. You should also make yourself more visible to other drivers by wearing high-visibility clothing, especially at night or in poor weather.

Inspect and maintain your motorcycle – Before each ride, you should perform a routine maintenance check on your motorcycle to make sure that it is in safe working condition. You should make sure the front and rear lights are working, the turn signals properly engage, and the tires are properly inflated. Make sure to get your bike to a mechanic for regular maintenance checks to prevent any system failures while out on a ride.

Follow the rules of the road and be alert – Motorcyclists can reduce their chances of being involved in an accident by following the speed limit, obeying all traffic lights and other signs, and fully stopping at stop signs. You should also ride defensively and stay alert to actively prevent collisions. By assuming that other drivers may not see you, you can avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Trust a Milwaukee County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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