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Restrictions on Carrying Guns in Wisconsin

 Posted on May 10, 2024 in Gun Violations

WI defense lawyerAmericans have a constitutional right to bear arms, but the Second Amendment does not specify a lot of the details beyond the fact that they can own weapons. There are certainly exceptions to the rule, with some people being deemed medically unable to safely maintain or possess guns. Depending on where you are, there might be restrictions regarding the number of guns you can buy and own, the types of guns, and even how you are legally permitted to carry them as you go about your day. Some people might be required to make sure their weapon is visible to their surroundings, while others might have a concealed carry license. And still, there are some places where concealed carry is prohibited, regardless of the type of permit you have.

With so many restrictions around the legal use of a weapon, it is possible to mistakenly act in violation of the law. Even if you have the best of intentions and respect for the law, an inadvertent violation could land you in a lot of trouble and you can get charged with a criminal offense. If you are facing weapons charges, speak with a qualified Jefferson County, WI defense attorney who has experience protecting Second Amendment rights.

Where Am I Prohibited From Bringing My Licensed Gun?

There are several places where it is illegal for you to bring your gun even if you have a permit for it. Your Second Amendment rights have limitations, including:

  • Police stations: Anyone who is not a police officer is prohibited from bringing a gun into a police station, sheriff’s office, or building of the Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation.
  • Courts: Guns can not be brought into courthouses whether they fall under county, state, or federal jurisdiction.
  • Schools: Bringing a firearm onto school grounds is against the law, even after school hours or during the summer break.
  • Jails and prisons: If you are visiting a prisoner, you will not be able to enter with your gun.
  • Airports: Airports have tight security and screening procedures and will not allow you inside with a gun.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are caught with your gun somewhere you are not allowed to bring it, you could face serious consequences. Speak with a skilled Milwaukee County, WI criminal defense lawyer to protect yourself and your rights. Call 262-303-4916 to schedule a free consultation at Bucher Law Group, LLC.

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