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Understanding Concealed Carry Laws in Wisconsin

 Posted on September 28, 2018 in Gun Violations

WisconsinIf you are one of the many thousands of responsible gun owners in Wisconsin, you want to possess the information necessary to avoid any weapons violations. With its vast knowledge of concealed carry offenses and other weapons charges, the Bucher Law Group, LLC, believes in the protection of your rights as a gun owner and is here to handle your case if you are charged.

In 2011, Act 35 went into effect in Wisconsin, allowing residents to carry concealed weapons. Here is a look at how to obtain a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit and what it covers:

How to Get a CCW Permit

The Wisconsin Department of Justice states a CCW permit applicant must be at least 21 years old, not be prohibited from possessing a gun under law or as a condition of bail or release in a criminal case, and provide proof of firearms training.

The DOJ offers online registration and renewals for licensees, or you can request an application by calling them directly. Applicants must supply documentation from a recognized firearms training program. A notice of acceptance or denial will be issued within 21 days of receipt. 

Anyone carrying a concealed firearm must have a valid CCW license and photo ID, unless the weapon is carried at the licensee’s residence, legally occupied property, or workplace.

A court can grant an emergency 30-day license if it decides an individual requires it for protection from death or bodily harm.

If your license is denied, suspended or revoked, you can file an appeal with your county’s circuit court within 30 days of notice. 

Do Other States Recognize Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permits?

Yes. As of Aug. 28, 2018, Wisconsin CCW permits are also honored in 29 other states, including the nearby states of Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri. Before you travel with a firearm out of state, know the law in each jurisdiction and follow it accordingly. 

What Does a CCW Permit Cover?

This license is for handguns, electric weapons (stun guns), and billy clubs. It does not include machine guns, short-barreled rifles or shotguns, or long guns. Also, in Wisconsin, you are allowed to openly carry firearms, with some exceptions.

A CCW permit does not grant you greater rights to self-defense or the defense of others. You are allowed to threaten or use force against someone if you believe it is necessary to prevent death or bodily harm to yourself.

If you make contact with law enforcement while legally carrying a concealed weapon, immediately inform the officer that you possess a CCW permit, that you are carrying the weapon, and where it is. Cooperate in full, do not make sudden movements, and keep your hands in plain sight. The officer might take possession of the weapon temporarily for their safety, but they will return it unless there is an arrest or violation that requires it to be seized.

Firearm Restrictions

Employers can prohibit employees from carrying firearms on-site, but they cannot prohibit carrying or storing a weapon and ammunition in an employee’s vehicle.

For taverns, only law enforcement, on-duty correctional officers or military, private security, or the business owner, manager, or authorized employees may carry a firearm. Carrying while intoxicated or while unlawfully using a controlled substance are both Class A misdemeanors, punishable by up to nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine. 

You cannot carry a gun on or within 1,000 feet of school grounds, with a few exceptions, including if it is on a nearby private property, if it is for a school-approved program, or if you are an on-duty law enforcement officer.

Cities, villages, and towns may restrict firearm discharge. You also cannot fire a gun from a motor vehicle, near some parks, and from or across a highway.  

Charged With a Firearm Violation?

Contact a trusted Delafield weapons charges attorney at the Bucher Law Group, LLC, if you have questions about concealed carry laws or if you are under investigation for a firearm offense. Call 262-303-4916 today.







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