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What Are the Laws Concerning Carrying a Gun in Public in Wisconsin?

 Posted on March 06, 2020 in Gun Violations

Milwaukee County weapons violation attorney

Compared to many other states, Wisconsin has relatively lenient laws when it comes to firearms. While some states require all firearm owners to obtain a permit or license to legally purchase and possess firearms, Wisconsin does not. If you are legally permitted to own a firearm under federal law, you must pass a background check, and then you will be permitted to purchase a firearm. Even though Wisconsin’s gun laws may not seem as strict as other states’ laws, Wisconsin does take weapons violations seriously. Being convicted of a gun law violation could result in serious criminal penalties that could affect you for the rest of your life. If you are a firearm owner in Wisconsin, it is important that you understand the laws regarding carrying your gun in public.

Open Carry

Wisconsin is an open-carry state. This means that anyone who is legally permitted to possess or own a firearm is also permitted to carry his or her firearm on his or her person, as long as it is not concealed. There are certain exceptions to this rule, however. In Wisconsin, you are not permitted to openly carry a firearm:

  • In a police station or sheriff’s office

  • In jail or a correctional facility

  • In any secured or unsecured portion of a mental health facility

  • In any county, state, or federal courthouse

  • In any place beyond a security checkpoint in an airport

  • On school property

  • In a tavern, bar, or another establishment whose primary source of business is serving alcohol

  • On any federal property

Concealed Carry

If you wish to conceal your firearm while you are carrying it, you will need to apply for a concealed carry permit. There are certain requirements that you must meet before you will be eligible for a CCW license. For example, you must be at least 21 years old, legally permitted to possess a firearm, and you must not have been convicted of a felony or ordered to receive mental health treatment. Perhaps the biggest requirement is that any person wishing to receive a CCW license must also provide proof of adequate firearm training.

Even if you are permitted to carry a concealed weapon, you still must obey certain restrictions on where you can carry your firearm. No firearms are permitted on federal property whatsoever. Wisconsin business owners, landlords, property owners, and employers also reserve the right to prohibit firearms on their property if they so choose.

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No weapons violation is a minor infraction. At the Bucher Law Group, LLC, our qualified team of Milwaukee County criminal defense attorneys have years of combined criminal defense experience, and we can help you defend against any type of gun charge you may be facing, no matter if it is a felony or misdemeanor charge. To schedule your free consultation, call our office today at 262-303-4916.







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