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What Are the Laws in Wisconsin Regarding Carrying a Gun?

 Posted on March 09, 2021 in Gun Violations

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The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. However, this right does not prevent states from enforcing certain restrictions regarding who can own a gun and where. If you are a gun owner, knowing the firearms laws in Wisconsin is crucial. Failure to obey conceal carry laws or other Wisconsin weapons laws can lead to criminal charges and the loss of your right to own a firearm.

Concealed Carry Permits Are Required to Conceal Carry a Firearm in Wisconsin

In order to legally carry a concealed firearm, you must apply for a carrying concealed weapon (CCW) license. To get a CCW license, you must be at least 21 and a Wisconsin resident. You must also complete a training course. Certain individuals are barred from getting a CCW under Wisconsin and/or federal law including:

  • Individuals who have been convicted of a felony criminal offense

  • Individuals who use or are addicted to a controlled substance

  • Individuals who are subject to court orders prohibiting possession of a firearm such as a protective order

  • Individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence offenses

This list is not exhaustive and there may be exceptions to some of these rules and requirements. Carrying a concealed firearm without a CCW permit is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to nine months in jail and a maximum $10,000 fine. If you are prohibited from owning a gun by law, carrying a firearm in a concealed or open manner is a Class G felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine.

Open Carry of Firearms in Wisconsin

Open carry of a firearm refers to possessing a firearm that is in plain view of others. Lawful gun owners may carry a loaded gun except in certain locations, including:

  • Federal properties

  • Police stations

  • Correctional institutions

  • Schools

  • Courthouses

  • Mental health facilities

  • Airports

  • Bars or taverns

Individuals convicted of a felony, those prohibited from possessing a gun due to mental health problems, and individuals subject to protective orders may not open carry a gun. It is also against the law to carry a gun while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

Contact a Walworth County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing any criminal weapons charges, your right to own a gun and your very freedom may be on the line. An experienced Milwaukee County criminal defense attorney from Bucher Law Group, LLC can help you defend yourself against these serious charges and assert your constitutional rights. Call our office at 262-303-4916 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.




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