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What is the Intoxicated Driver Program in Wisconsin?

 Posted on March 28, 2024 in DUI/OWI

Ozaukee County, WI criminal defense attorneyIf you are facing charges related to operating while intoxicated (OWI) in Wisconsin, you are likely wondering what the potential consequences of a conviction would be. When in this difficult situation, it is important that you understand that while the situation is undoubtedly serious and the charges severe, you do have options. One such option is the Intoxicated Driver Program, a specialized program designed to help people address their alcohol or drug-related offenses. If you are facing OWI charges and are wondering what your options are, contacting an experienced attorney is a wise first step.

Understanding the Intoxicated Driver Program

The Intoxicated Driver Program in Wisconsin is a court-ordered program aimed at educating and rehabilitating people who have been convicted of OWI offenses. The program is designed to help participants address their alcohol or drug use issues, understand the impact of their actions, and ultimately prevent future instances of impaired driving. Participants in the program are required to complete a series of assessments, educational sessions, and treatment programs tailored to their specific needs. 

Benefits of Enrolling in the Intoxicated Driver Program

One key benefit of enrolling in the Intoxicated Driver Program is that it may help mitigate the consequences of an OWI conviction. By completing the program, participants may be able to reduce their driver’s license suspension period, reduce jail time to 30 days or less, and demonstrate a commitment to addressing their substance abuse issues. Additionally, successful completion of the program can show the court that you are taking steps to prevent future instances of impaired driving, which may be viewed favorably during sentencing. 

What to Expect When Enrolling 

If you are considering enrolling in the Intoxicated Driver Program, it is important to understand the requirements and commitments involved. Participants are typically required to undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate level of treatment and education needed. Additionally, you may be required to attend educational sessions, counseling, and support group meetings as part of the program. 

Contact Our Ozaukee County, WI OWI Defense Attorney

At Bucher Law Group, LLC, Attorney Bucher has helped hundreds of clients facing OWI charges pursue legal options to avoid or significantly reduce prison time, including options related to Wisconsin’s Intoxicated Driver Program. Having spent 20 years as the Waukesha County District Attorney, Attorney Bucher thoroughly understands prosecutor tactics when pursuing OWI charges against alleged offenders. As a result, when clients come to our firm, they know they will receive our undivided attention as we aggressively pursue options to secure the most favorable case result possible. 

For aggressive legal guidance in fighting the OWI charges you are facing, contact the respected Walworth County, WI OWI defense lawyer with Bucher Law Group, LLC. Call 262-303-4916 for a free consultation.

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