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4 Tips For Successful Co-Parenting After a Wisconsin Divorce

Posted on in Divorce/Family Law

Waukesha County divorce lawyerEven if you would rather never speak or look at your ex-spouse again, when you have children, the reality is you must. When you get a divorce, your marriage ends, but the relationship with your children does not, and you now face the unique challenge of co-parenting together.

Co-parenting can cause some uncomfortable situations for you and your ex early on, but done right, it can greatly benefit your children. It may be difficult and sometimes feel impossible, but effective co-parenting is the best thing you can do for your child after a divorce. 

Here are four ways to be a successful co-parent:

1. Put Your Feelings to the Side

The first thing to realize is it does not matter what feelings you have toward your ex. This is all about your children. If you still harbor feelings of contempt or resentment, you must put those aside or you will not be able to cooperate on anything. Your feelings may be legitimate, but they cannot get in the way of parenting your child.

2. Establish Good Communication With Your Ex

Perhaps the most important thing to remember - communication is key. One way you can keep emotions out of the mix and communicate effectively is to make your child the center of every conversation you have with your ex. Thinking of your new relationship with your ex as a business partnership can help keep communication in line with the results you want.

3. Keep Things Consistent

One thing kids thrive on is consistency. Is it important for you to keep rules and routines in sync between both households for the sake of not only your children, but also you. When expectations are the same at both houses, there are fewer things for you and your ex to argue about.

4. Always Remember Your Child’s Best Interests

No matter what has happened in the past between you and your ex, everything you do should be in your child’s best interests. If that means you need to be the bigger person when you have arguments with your ex, so be it. Even if you no longer think highly of your ex, your child still looks to them as their parent, and they will forever be in that role. The better you are at co-parenting, the better off your child will be.

Contact a Waukesha County Divorce Attorney

Divorce is stressful enough. You do not need to make co-parenting more stressful. A Delafield, WI divorce lawyer can help you make the best decisions about child custody arrangements and parenting plans, so you can focus on being the best parent you can be. The Bucher Law Group, LLC is here to help with all of your divorce needs, from the beginning stages to signing the final agreement. Call 262-303-4916 to set up a free consultation.




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