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6 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Posted on in Divorce/Family Law

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-22.jpgWhether a couple has been married for a year or 20 years, they are bound to experience some challenges. Often times, these challenges hurt a couple’s relationship rather than strengthen it, resulting in divorce. Let us take a look at the top 6 reasons marriages end in divorce.

1. Lack of Communication. A relationship cannot be successful without open lines of communication. When spouses fail to share their positive and negative feelings with one another and keep things to themselves, problems are likely to arise. 

Since marital problems cannot be solved when there is no willingness to communicate, negative feelings may build up over time--leaving problems unresolved and therefore causing frustration and resentment. This frustration and resentment eventually leads to a divorce.

2. Financial Issues. Financial issues related to income, debt, and spending habits can put a major damper on a marriage. Instead of working together to meet common financial goals, some couples cannot agree on their finances, fight about money, and grow apart. 

3. Mental and Physical Abuse. Both mental and physical abuse are one of the leading causes of divorce. In some cases, counseling can stop mental and physical abuse and save a marriage. However, in others, the abuse is permanent and warrants a divorce. 

4. Lack of Intimacy. When there is no intimacy in a marriage, spouses may feel like they are living with a stranger or a roommate rather than their husband or wife. A lack of intimacy can occur when there is no sex, acts of kindness, or signs of appreciation in a marriage. 

5. Addiction Problems. When one spouse is addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or another poor habit, a healthy married life can be difficult to achieve. In addition, addiction problems lead to money issues which can also harm a marriage and cause a divorce.

6. Infidelity. Infidelity or unfaithfulness in a marriage is another common cause of divorce. A lack of emotional intimacy, differences in sexual appetite, anger, and resentment are several of the reasons a spouse may be motivated to cheat. In many cases, infidelity begins as an emotional affair and becomes a physical affair which leads to divorce down the road. 

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