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How Much Child Support Do Parents Have to Pay in Wisconsin?

Posted on in Divorce/Family Law

Waukesha County family law attorney child support

As any parent can tell you, raising a child is expensive. Between housing, educational and extracurricular fees, groceries, and other expenses, child-related costs can constitute a large share of a parent’s monthly bills. When married parents divorce or unmarried parents have a child together, one parent is typically ordered to make child support payments to the other. In Wisconsin, the amount of financial support a parent provides via child support is determined by several different factors.

Wisconsin Child Support Laws

Generally, the parent who spends more time directly caring for the child is the recipient of child support and the other parent is the payer. The amount of child support that a parent pays is typically determined by statutory formulas. In Wisconsin, a parent’s child support obligation is determined by multiplying his or her income by a certain percentage:

  • One child – 17 percent

  • Two children – 25 percent

  • Three children – 29 percent

  • Four children – 31 percent

  • Five or more children – 34 percent

Wisconsin courts have the authority to deviate from the formulas if adhering to the formulas would be unfair to the child or either parent. If a parent experiences a financial hardship such as a serious illness or job loss, he or she may qualify for a reduced child support obligation.

Shared Placement and Other Special Circumstances

If both parents have the child more than 25 percent of the nights, this is a shared placement arrangement. In cases involving shared placement, the amount a parent pays in child support is reduced according to the number of overnights for which he or she is responsible. Wisconsin courts may also modify the amount a parent pays in child support in extenuating circumstances such as:

  • The payer has a higher income than what is shown on the standard percentage table

  • The payer has a low income  

  • The payer supports more than one family

  • The parents have two or more children and split time with the children between them

Contact a Jefferson County Child Support Lawyer

If you are planning to divorce or you have questions about your rights and responsibilities regarding child support, contact the Bucher Law Group, LLC for help. Our team understands that child support issues are often complex and that child support disputes can quickly become contentious. For sound legal guidance and aggressive legal representation, contact a Waukesha County family law attorney from our firm. Call 262-303-4916 today for a free, confidential consultation.




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